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Russian expert warns US not to cross ‘red lines’

Russian expert warns the US not to cross 'red lines' - Photo 1.

The US has provided a large amount of howitzers to Ukraine (Image: GETTY)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly asked NATO countries to equip more advanced weapons to strengthen Kiev’s defenses against Moscow’s special military operation.

Recently, Russian state TV channel Russia One announced that the US would cross a “red line” if it provided long-range missile systems to Ukrainian forces. Host Olga Skabeyeva warned President Vladimir Putin would be forced to launch a “harsh response” against the US.

“The United States intends to discuss supplying Ukraine with long-range missile systems as soon as next week,” she said in a broadcast.

The Russian state expert describes the dangers of supplying such advanced weapons to Ukrainian forces. “The US missile system can launch shells more than 500 km,” Ms. Skabeyeva said.

The Russian TV presenter stated that the US move would provoke the Russian authorities and force Mr. Putin to take retaliatory measures.

Ms. Skabeyeva said: “If the Americans do that, they will obviously cross a red line. This action will force Russia to react harshly.”

The “red line” that Ms. Skabeyeva describes seems to refer to historical tensions between the US and Russia.

Ukraine’s military equipment is considerably outdated, and its lack of long-range weapons has limited its defenses from targeting Russian strongholds beyond the front lines. Even so, the US-made missile systems will allow the Ukrainian military to target strategic bases 700 km away.

Regarding US military supplies, a Pentagon spokesman said final decisions on what equipment will be shipped to Ukraine “have not yet been made”.

There have been concerns that long-range US artillery will allow Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia, risking an expansion of the war across borders.

In an earlier broadcast, Russian military journalist Mikhail Khodaryonok revealed that Moscow’s forces would launch targeted strikes to destroy Ukrainian-operated artillery. “We believe these artillery vehicles will be the highest priority target in the near future,” he said.

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