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Russian Foreign Minister spoke out about President Putin’s health

Russian Foreign Minister speaks out about President Putin's health - Photo 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on May 25 – Photo: AFP

“President Vladimir Putin appear in public every day. You can see him on TV screens, read and listen to his speeches. I don’t think any ordinary person can suspect any signs of illness in Putin,” Russia’s Tass news agency quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying in an interview with a TV channel. TF1 of France.

Recently, Western media spread information that President Putin has cancer and his health is rapidly deteriorating. However, this information has not been verified.

Reacting to Western rumors about President Putin’s health, Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized to the channel TF1: “I will leave that (rumors about Mr. Putin’s health) to the conscience of those who spread such rumors, despite the fact that every day there is a chance for everyone to witness Mr. what else looks like”.

President Putin will turn 70 in October.

Recent photos and videos show President Putin still appearing normally in public. For example, he attended and spoke at the military parade on Red Square on May 9 on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War.

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