Sanctions against Russia can hardly be lifted

Interview with TV channel TF1 of France on May 29, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “Sanctions are a Western-initiated hysteria. The speed and scope of sanctions they impose suggests they weren’t invented ‘overnight.’ They were planned since long”.

“In contacts with its allies, the US said that when everything is over, the sanctions will remain in place.” Sergey Lavrov added.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (Photo: TASS)

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that it is clear that the main priority of the West is not to protect the Ukrainian regime, describing Ukraine as a “bargain card” to curb Russia’s development.

Sergey Lavrov said that the West is launching “all-out war” to strangle and destroy the Russian economy and Russia as a whole.

According to Lavrov, the US and its Western allies are delusional when they want to maintain their dominance in international affairs and return to a unipolar world order.

“Russia does not allow the West to build a unipolar world”Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized.

According to the Russian foreign minister, the West is also indifferent to Ukraine’s public refusal to comply with a United Nations Security Council resolution urging the implementation of the Minsk accords signed by France and Germany.

Mr. Sergey Lavrov said that the liberation of Donbass is still Russia’s top priority today.

On February 24, President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s special military operation against Ukraine. He stressed that Moscow does not plan to occupy the territories of Ukraine but to demilitarize the country.

Meanwhile, the US and its allies accuse Russia of trying to expand its territory and increase its influence in Ukraine. After this move by Moscow, the US, the European Union (EU), the UK and a number of other countries have imposed large-scale sanctions on Russian individuals and legal entities.

Although the West strongly opposes Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, it has declared that it will not send troops here to directly confront the Russian army. Instead, the West is actively providing military aid to the Ukrainian government.

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