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Serbia ignores EU sanctions, reaches gas deal with Russia

This gas deal is likely to be signed during the Foreign Minister’s visit to Belgrade Russia Sergey Lavrov in early June – a rare visit by a senior Russian official to a European country since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

“We agreed to sign a three-year contract. We agreed on the main elements that are very beneficial for Serbia,” the Serbian president said.

Serbia depends almost entirely on Russian gas . Serbia’s main energy companies are largely owned by Russia.

President Vucic said he had told Putin that he wished “peace would be established as soon as possible”.

The President of Serbia has recently refused to explicitly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Serbia has not joined Western sanctions against Russia. Mr. Vucic has stated he wants to bring Serbia into the European Union, but in recent years he has made efforts to strengthen ties with Russia – a longtime ally.

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