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Should invest “follow-up”?

Before the information about the planning of Hanoi’s second airport in Thuong Tin district, many real estate brokers around this area said that they believe that the market will quickly heat up. What should investors pay attention to?

Recently, the State Appraisal Council has approved the national airport – airport network planning scheme and is submitting it to the Prime Minister for approval. Including the second airport planning of Hanoi in Thuong Tin district.

The ground will “wake up”?

According to the proposal, this position can avoid the mountains in the western region, less affect the approach of the aircraft when returning to Noi Bai, and at the same time, it is possible to study the direction of the take-off and landing routes parallel to the runway. – Landing of Noi Bai airport. Hanoi has basically agreed in the Thuong Tin area, the detailed construction location will be detailed later.

Information on the construction of the second airport in Hanoi at Thuong Tin: Should it be

Information on the planning of Hanoi’s second airport in Thuong Tin district makes land prices move up

Meanwhile, sharing with the press, a leader of the Ministry of Transport affirmed that the Ministry of Transport did not know anything about the location of the second airport in the Capital region in Thuong Tin. This is a proposal of Hanoi City, this needs to be based on many specific factors and scientific studies and must be considered by many ministries and branches, in accordance with the flight network plan. Especially to ensure security and defense factors. Therefore, the selection of this airport needs to be carefully studied, the leader of the Ministry of Transport affirmed.

Previously, the Ministry of Transport said that the second airport was initially determined to be located in the southeast of the capital, but there was no specific location. The planning of the second airport aims to have an open direction for research and construction, in order to reduce the load on Noi Bai airport after 2050.

Although the information has not been confirmed, rumors that Hanoi may build a second airport in Thuong Tin district have impacted the real estate market here. Many real estate brokers around this area said that they still believe that the market will quickly heat up because of this planning information, regardless of whether it is a rumor or just a proposal.

Ms. Ha – a local who is also a local real estate broker said that the real estate market in Thuong Tin has been active in the past 2 years, especially in planned areas with Ring Road 4. running through like in Khanh Ha, Nhi Khe, Ninh So communes… land prices have increased 4-5 times.

Specifically, the price of land in Hoang Xa, Khanh Ha, and Ha Hoi ranges from 20 to 35 million VND/m2 depending on the location; land located on the old national highway 1A costs about 60-80 million dong; At some busy business points, the price is up to 80-100 million VND/m2. Now, if the information about building a second airport is true, the real estate market will certainly have more investment potential.

“In recent days, the number of people calling to ask about land in this area has also increased. However, just stopping at the interest and the transaction has not arisen much. Regarding the price, there is no change at the moment,” said Ha.

According to this broker, Thuong Tin district has great potential for development such as many key roads, many industrial parks, and is located as an important gateway to Hanoi, but for a long time, the land price here is quite low compared to other areas. with many other districts in Hanoi such as Hoai Duc, Quoc Oai… Therefore, many investors buy to catch waves in this area.

“When these investors join the market, it will definitely make waves and land prices will go higher,” said Ms. Ha.

Like Ms. Ha, Mr. Tran Van Tam, a real estate broker in Thuong Tin also said that recently, many investors have come to Thuong Tin to buy land plots with large area.

“Land in many areas in Hanoi is quite expensive, while Thuong Tin still has a lot of land, so many people have returned to Thuong Tin to buy land from last year until now. If you build an airport here, investors can easily double or triple the profits, “said Mr. Tam.

However, according to Mr. Nam – an experienced investor in Hanoi, real estate in Thuong Tin area in recent years has increased, so far it is also high compared to other areas around Hanoi. Interior. Therefore, it is difficult and risky to expect a short-term price increase in this area. There are still some areas where the land price is still cheap, and the price is affordable for many people, but it is still easy to liquidate, creating a strong effect.

It’s a long-term story, it needs to be carefully calculated

In fact, rumors about the construction of a second airport in Hanoi are not new.

In 2020, the location of the second airport was proposed in Ung Hoa district. At this time, Ung Hoa real estate also became boiling. Specifically, the price of land in 3 communes: Tram Long, Dai Hung and Dai Cuong increased rapidly, the price of farmland is also about 20 – 30 million VND/sao, residential land 2 million VND/m2.

Then the location of the airport was proposed again at Tien Lang (Hai Phong) and the land fever in Tien Lang exploded again.

Information on the construction of the second airport in Hanoi at Thuong Tin: Should it be

National Assembly member Trinh Xuan An – Standing member of the National Assembly’s National Defense and Security Committee, said that this must be carefully considered.

Similarly, in March 2021, there were rumors about a proposal to plan a 500-hectare Ternic dual-use airport in Hon Quan district (Binh Phuoc), where hundreds of cars appeared every day to see the land. making rural roads congested for kilometers. Land prices are blown sky high, even agricultural land is up to several billion dong/sao, each plot of land can be changed to 3-4 owners. Until the People’s Committee of Hon Quan district issued a document on strengthening land management and construction order in the area, this “virtual” land fever gradually subsided.

Talking at the National Assembly corridor about this, National Assembly member Trinh Xuan An – Standing member of the National Assembly’s National Security and Defense Committee said that when building large projects, especially related to traffic, control The first is to ensure safety.

Previously, we had an orientation between Tan Son Nhat airport and Bien Hoa airport. We had to study very carefully, a series of problems posed why it was not possible to exploit civil at Bien Hoa airport and many factors. impact, overlapping flight path, airspace management…

Meanwhile, Thuong Tin is a densely populated place, only 20km from the center of Hanoi, close to 2 military airports at Mieu Mon and Hoa Lac.

“This must be calculated very carefully. The airport near the inner city is not good, many problems will recur like Tan Son Nhat and many other airports”… National Assembly Representative Trinh Xuan An said.

Also according to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, the proposal for airport planning is a long-term story, from the proposal by the locality, the ministries, the Government, and then the government must agree. submitted to the National Assembly for consideration…it may take many years to become a reality.

Therefore, when a locality only has information to propose to supplement the airport planning, investors should not “hold the lights in front of the car” because the risk is too great.

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