Singapore uses filtered water from sewage and urine to make beer

Water is one of the main ingredients in beer making. Depending on the type, beer can be up to 95% water, and 7 gallons of water makes 1 gallon of beer.

According to Sputnik, Singapore’s water authority has proposed a new beer made mostly from human waste water to address concerns about water shortages.

Singapore uses filtered water from wastewater and urine to make beer - 1

NEWBrew beer has “aftertaste like honey toast”. (Artwork: CCO)

NEWBrew is a tropical golden ale that “tastes like honey toast”. In the process of brewing this beer, the producer used urine and wastewater. Wastewater is cleaned before entering the brewing process. Many customers showed complete interest in the new drink.

To conserve clean water, Singapore has adopted a wastewater recycling system for industrial and air-conditioning purposes. During dry periods, recycled water is added to storage tanks and then purified for later use as tap water.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that Southeast Asia is likely to face severe consequences from the climate crisis. A March report by the commission highlighted not only water loss but also sea level rise as potential threats to food security and damage to ecosystems.

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