Spectacular satellite photos of an undersea volcanic eruption

Satellite images have revealed volcanic activity on the seabed of the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

In recent months, NASA satellite images have detected discolored streaks of water on the seafloor – an indication of volcanic activity, hinting at multiple eruptions. According to the Smithsonian Global Volcano Program, the images were captured by the OLI-2 camera on the Landsat-9 satellite.

Researchers noticed changes in sea color in April and May, and the volcano may have started erupting as early as October last year, according to a statement from NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Prior to that, the most recent major eruptions occurred in 2014 and 2007. Records indicate that the first recorded eruption of Kavachi occurred in 1939, with subsequent explosions producing the first recorded eruptions of Kavachi. ephemeral island.

Previous research by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that volcanic plumes of warm, acidic water often contain particulate matter, volcanic rock fragments, and volcanic deposits. sulfur, which then attracts microbial communities that thrive on sulfur.

During a 2015 research expedition to Kavachi, scientists were surprised to discover that the crater is also home to two types of sharks – hammerhead sharks and silky sharks – despite the tumultuous history of this area. The researchers call this phenomenon “sharkcano”, which means the presence of sharks in the crater.

The summit of Mount Kavachi lies about 20 m below sea level, with its base spreading across the seabed at a depth of 1.2 km. The volcano is located about 24 km south of Vangunu Island, one of more than 900 islands that were formed in a tectonically active area and make up the Solomon Islands. Residents of neighboring islands said they regularly saw steam and ash on the surface of the water, which further confirmed the presence of “sharkcano” on the seabed.

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