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The beach is full of gems like on another planet

From an unknown wasteland, the glass beach has become a tourist destination where you have to spend money to admire the strange beauty.

When it comes to beachIn our minds, we will immediately think of the immense blue ocean stretching endlessly with the smooth, white sand. However, in the world there are a few beaches that do not see sand but only… glass.

Yes, it’s glass – the sound of the name makes me cringe, get goosebumps. However, when you see these photos, you will get rid of all doubts and want to pack your backpack.

The most beautiful glass beach in the world

Dumping garbage on the beach is an act worthy of harsh condemnation. Garbage-strewn beaches also cannot attract tourists. However, once there is a “hands-on” of mother nature, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

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Such is the story of the glass beach in Ussuri Bay, near Vladivostok, Russia. Looking at the colorful “stones” glittering on the beach, who would think that this place used to be… a garbage dump.

According to Bored Panda, the bay was formerly a dump full of glass bottles and porcelain. After many years of government intervention, the act of littering has been banned. The beach is deserted, no one wants to set foot.

Then, thanks to the wonderful power of mother nature, today the bay has become one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the world. Because for decades, the waves of the North Pacific Ocean have worn away, smoothing the broken pieces of bottles into millions of colorful “pebbles”.

From an unknown wasteland, the beach has become a tourist destination where tourists from all over the world have to spend money to admire the strange beauty.

Even in the past, Ussuri Bay was once considered a dangerous place, located in a special protected area of ​​the local government. Yet now, it is known under a beautiful name: the sea of ​​glass.

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Glass Beach “Glass Beach”, near Fort Bragg, California (USA), was formerly a giant landfill filled with glass bottles left by tourists.

Since 1949, the area around the glass beach has been a public dump. Sometimes people have to light a fire to relieve the “mountain of garbage” that is constantly filling up.

However, in 1967, the city government decided to blockade the area. At the same time, the authorities also apply remedial measures to improve the problem of environmental pollution and reduce waste here.

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Over the years, wind and waves have carried away all kinds of light waste. Heavier objects such as rocks and glass are left on the beach.

The wind and the crashing force of the waves broke the glassware into small pieces and eroded them to become smooth, smooth with all colors and different shapes, thereby forming the glass beach. .

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It’s not fair to mention the glass beach without mentioning Japan. Although this beach is not as famous as in Russia and the US, it is also a remarkable destination.

According to SoraNews24, in the past, this beach was a rocky beach completely covered with algae. In the summer, the algae will decompose causing a stench that no one wants to come near.

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Then, the local government decided to clean up all the rocks and cover the beach with recycled glass that had been crushed into tiny particles.

This beach is known as the hidden gem of Nagasaki Prefecture. From a distance, this beach is nothing special. But when you get close and look closely, people will realize that the sparkling sand grains are not sand, but small sparkling glass beads.

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