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The case of international school students fighting: The school will learn from experience in handling the situation

The principal of the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) has just sent a report to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training about the violence at the school that is causing a stir in public opinion.

Accordingly, the ISHCMC school stated its point of view: “The school recognizes that it is partly responsible when an unfortunate incident occurs between students, causing concern to parents. In addition, the school will also learn from experience. in handling the situation quickly to avoid misleading parents and creating conflicting information on social networks”.

The case of international school students fighting: The school will learn from experience in handling the situation
The image of a female student being beaten by a classmate caused a stir in public opinion

The school’s report also states: “The school is very concerned that stakeholders have a tendency to abuse the media and online media to carry out inciting and bullying attitudes or behavior online by spreading a students’ personal information such as home addresses, personal photos… The school hopes to receive your support in solving this problem.”

In addition, ISHCMC also commits to monitor students more closely, both academically and psychologically. The school also said it will work more closely with parents to find a satisfactory solution to help the children relieve stress and stabilize their studies.

According to the above report of ISHCMC, the incident took place on May 26 as follows: After the official school day, the teacher in charge was informed that there was a group of students fighting outside, two blocks from the school.

After that, the teacher in charge took these students to school and brought them to the medical room for health check. Next, the school administrators met with the students to hear them report the incident.

However, the communication between the school administration and the students was forced to stop when the parents of the above students arrived at the school, asking the school to immediately handle the case and handle the student.

At that time, due to the recent incident, the school did not have enough information to make an immediate decision. The school explained this to parents, but some parents disagreed and had inappropriate attitudes and actions and did not cooperate with the school.

Regarding this incident, the Ministry of Education and Training has sent an official dispatch to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on directing the handling of violent cases among students of American Academy International School (ISHCMC-AA).

The Ministry of Education and Training requested the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to direct relevant functional agencies and units to quickly verify information and handle the case promptly and in accordance with regulations, ensuring safety and psychological stability for students. students, teachers and parents. Information on handling the case shall be sent to the Ministry of Education and Training before May 31.

Why do schools often suspend students from fighting for 2-3 days?

According to teacher Nguyen Quang Tung – Principal of MV Lomonosov Middle School – High School, the temporary suspension of 2-3 days after students fight is to help the students calm down after the incident and avoid negative emotions such as continuing to fight. each other or call for help. A few days at home is an important time for students to control their emotions, calm down and receive psychological support from their families.

“Of course, keeping students at home needs to be informed to parents and parents have time to arrange work to support their children during that time.

This is not a form of discipline, as discipline must be approved by the Disciplinary Committee. This is just a form to ensure the safety of students,” said Mr. Tung.

According to Mr. Nguyen Quang Tung, school bullying is everywhere, every school has it, there are high or low tuition schools, all the time. Because there are simply children there, they are not yet mature enough and it is not difficult for them to solve problems with their fists.

On the question of whether schools provide behavioral skills education, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tung affirmed: “Schools educate very carefully on behavioral culture. Schools around the world all have one thing in common, they all teach about love, respect and teach children to love peace. What matters is how you deal with it.

Let me tell you a story I have met and dealt with: About 6 years ago, from a very small story, two girls, A and B, punched and kicked each other right in the school, both of them scratched their hands and feet.

The school was asking the two of you to write a report when A’s mother and more than a dozen healthy men in the family rushed to the school, stood in the middle of the school yard shouting at the principal and cursed, for letting friend B hit her child.

I invited the mother into the traditional room to work, with the requirement that all family members must leave the school, the school only works with the mother who is responsible before the law for the child. A. The mother agrees, wants to meet B, I disagree and promise to have a meeting with two families and two young people on the Disciplinary Council.

After a while expressing her frustration because her child was beaten, listening to me, and my apology for letting a fight happen at school, I am the principal and take all responsibility for it, the mother calmed down. and apologize to the school for the inappropriate behavior as above.

Later, after graduating from school, A and her mother still often gave gifts and thanked me for supporting A during her studies. The mother also introduced many good students to the school later on.”

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