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The first specialized school in Hanoi to hold an entrance exam for class 10

This year, the High School for the Gifted of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University has more than 1,000 candidates registered for the exam with 180 targets for specialized classes in Literature, History, Geography and a quality class. high.

Hanoi's first specialized school held an entrance exam for class 10 - Photo 1.

Candidates take the multiple-choice test in Mathematics (45 minutes), multiple-choice in English (45 minutes) and essay on Literature (90 minutes) and specialized subjects in the form of essays in 150 minutes.

Points for specialized subjects multiplied by 2, the remaining subjects by coefficient 1.

Before 5:00 p.m. on June 10, the school will announce exam results, admission results for specialized classes and high-quality admission information.

In 2021, the High School for the Gifted in Social Sciences and Humanities announces the standard score of the 36th Literature majoring class; History class 30 and Geography 31.

The matriculation score for specialized classes is the sum of three common Math, Literature and English tests together with the subject scores (multiplied by a factor of two), up to a maximum of 50.

Candidates must complete the exam, no subject less than 4, especially the subject of 6 or more.

The school also publishes a high-quality class standard score of 20. This class is for candidates who register from the beginning in the application, only calculate scores for Math, Literature and English in general.

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