The hero who saved the whole family lost the brakes when going downhill in Tam Dao

Seeing the wife holding a small child signaling for help while drifting downhill, the man managed to reach and hold the car, saving the whole family from the accident.

Recently, on Social Network spread the clip recording the heart-pounding scene that happened at Tam Dao Pass, Vinh Phuc.

The clip recorded the incident

According to the person who uploaded the clip, the incident happened at about 11am today, May 29. “A couple with a small child came back from playing Tam Dao, when going downhill, the scooter lost its brake, so the car went very fast and could not be stopped.

The sister-in-law constantly signaled for help, the situation at this time was extremely dangerous! The red motorbike uncle saw that and immediately chased the gas on the ramp and pulled the car with one hand, successfully saving the whole family! Just like a superhero.

Everyone should pay attention to carefully check the vehicle when participating in traffic, especially when traveling on steep – dangerous roads. Thank you to the hero riding a red motorbike with a life-saving phase that seems to only exist in movies”, the person who posted the clip wrote.

Clip: The hero saves the whole family when he lost his brakes when going downhill in Tam Dao-1

The clip quickly spread on social networks, attracting tens of thousands of views, comments and shares of netizens. Everyone praised “superman”, “superhero” who risked chasing and saving a family narrowly.

“This guy is very experienced in gearing to brake, the hand pulls just 10 points for this handling phase….”, “If you go to the mountain pass, go with a gear car, gear brakes are much safer, have many friends. If you say you’re still riding a normal scooter, maybe you’re too used to it or you’re just too good at braking.”

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