The kings and queens of Korea make a lot of advertising money

Brands have always favored national stars like Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun.

Korea Not only is it famous as Asia’s leading attractive entertainment industry with movies, TV shows, and music, but it is also the home of global ambassadors.

In recent years, many famous brands have chosen Korean stars to be their representative faces. This proves the influence of the Korean entertainment wave to many parts of the world.

From national artists, famous for decades to traffic stars, they all make millions of dollars from advertising contracts.

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Recently, Korean media has named 5 artists worthy of the title “king and princess” of Korean showbiz. Not only are the popular faces of domestic brands, the influence of these stars also reaches beyond the land with lucrative advertising contracts.

This proves the great attraction of “real stars with real prices”. Admirably, more than 3/5 artists on this list are Korea’s top legendary stars.

Song Hye Kyo

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At the top of the list can’t miss the name Song Hye Kyo. Queen Hallyu is always on the list of top brand ambassadors that are noticed by trendy brands.

The variety of styles of Song Hye Kyo, who can transform with sweet and cute beauty, can also be luxurious and noble, making it easy for the beauty to match many different brands.

According to Allstarnetworth’s statistics, Song Hye’s net worth is about 25 million USD, which includes a series of advertising contracts related to clothing, food, technology…

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Since 2018, the “Descendants of the Sun” star has been the muse of Chaumet, one of the world’s recognized luxury jewelry brands.

In addition, Song Hye Kyo is also the face of a high-end Korean skincare brand. Interestingly, Song Hye Kyo earns a whopping $650,000 for each promotional post on Instagram.

Kim Soo-hyun

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In addition to being the most sought after male lead, Kim Soo-hyun is also known as one of the kings of advertising films that are loved by brands.

After a breakthrough performance in Why Bring Me Here in 2014 with Hallyu queen Jun Ji Hyun, the actor continues to receive the attention of fans and brands at home and abroad.

According to a source, the actor is paid between 800 million and one billion won per advertisement. It is worth mentioning, this is the price before Kim Soo Hyun became a huge success with the movie It’s Okay to Not be Okay co-starred with Seo Ye Ji.

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In 2020, Kim Soo Hyun is considered the highest paid actor in Korea. Perhaps the title “Advertising King” with Kim Soo Hyun is not wrong when in 2014 alone, he appeared in 30 advertisements and represented 17 brands.

In 2021, Kim Soo Hyun was appointed as the new ambassador of Tommy Hilfiger.

Jun Ji Hyun

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Another Hallyu queen on the list of Korean stars who make a lot of money from advertising is none other than Jun Ji Hyun.

While Kim Soo Hyun gained his popularity after the success of “My Love from the Star”, so did his female lead. According to statistics, Jun Ji Hyun’s commercial transactions at that time helped the beauty earn up to 20 billion won.

Currently, Jun Ji Hyun’s net worth is about 6 million USD including the beautiful contract with the luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen.

Park Seo Joon

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After the success of the drama Youth Struggles and Secretary Kim, What’s wrongPark Seo Joon has become the center of all attention.

The rising star has successfully climbed the ladder of the Hallyu hierarchy and is currently among the most sought-after male leads in Korean entertainment.

Above all, he is also loved by brands thanks to his strong image and charisma.

As noted by Korea Broadcasting Advertising (Kobaco), Park Seo Joon topped the ranking of the most loved advertising models in 2018. According to TMI News, Park Seo Joon has earned $6 million for all his ads in 2018.

Currently, the actor is the favorite choice of brands like Calvin Klein, Ricola and Chanel.

Gong Yoo

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Last but never less prominent is Mr. Gong Yoo. This list would not be complete without the man who captured the hearts of Korean audiences.

After gaining popularity with the movie Coffee Princethe actor once again made millions of hearts swoon over him in the fantasy series Goblins in 2016. With many years in the profession, Gong Yoo received the trust of not only the audience but also major brands.

In 2017, Gong Yoo continuously surpassed many traffic stars to lead the Korean advertising star chart. In 2019, Gong Yoo ranked first in the list of celebrities loved by brands.

In 2021, Gong Yoo becomes the Chanel watch and jewelry ambassador.

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