The reason why Tiffany diamonds are the most expensive and most coveted in the world

• Tiffany’s signature diamond crystal-encrusted six-pronged ring design makes the brand’s engagement ring a global icon.

Diamond Tiffany & Co. are popular because they are hand-selected and set in sophisticated designs. This brand is famous for its legendary engagement rings, which are every bride’s dream. However, the prices of these items are quite expensive.

Since 1837, Tiffany has been in the business of designing and selling diamond jewelry. With the advent of the conventional engagement ring, the brand has established its talent on the jewelry map and has grown in popularity.

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Jewelry Tiffany & Co. always desired. Photo: Alberta Studio

For a company like Tiffany, the brand name is everything. Performance and presentation must be accurate and perfect. The luster of the diamond crystal should be moderate. They do whatever it takes to maintain their reputation. Tiffany diamonds are made up of more than just gems and metals put together. When purchasing a Tiffany diamond, the buyer is owning a piece from the second largest luxury jewelry brand in the world, with nearly 180 years of experience.

This shows that Tiffany devotes a significant portion of its resources to building brand awareness, making its presence noticeable and creating a steady influence in the market. The brand embodies style, fashion, luxury, sophistication, wealth and exclusivity.

Tiffany & Co. became famous in the jewelry market when it introduced a 6-prong design that held the stone in place while exposed to light. Specifically, a diamond crystal is placed in the middle of the 6 prongs of the ring made of gold, silver, etc.

This design, known as the Heart Lock, features two heart-shaped locks with a key to open. The brand’s outstanding innovation was the first step in the jewelry industry, and was warmly received by makers and customers in the market.

This is Tiffany’s best-selling item to date because of both its emotional message and the difference it makes. This style of ring is widely used all over the world, and is called “Tiffany design”.

The reason why Tiffany diamonds are the most expensive and desired in the world - Photo 2.

The signature ring of the Tiffany family. Photo: EraGem

Tiffany Diamonds adheres to a strong code of ethics in all of its business dealings, such as purchasing diamonds only from a select group of suppliers worldwide. The brand claims to always check the background of diamond mining facilities and their working conditions. According to reports, Tiffany sources diamonds from many countries, including Botswana, Namibia, Australia, Sierra Leone and Russia.

Tiffany is not directly involved in the mining or processing of rough diamonds, but only selecting and appraising them. The specific purpose of the brand is to provide customers with the highest quality diamonds.

It’s a bit of a pity that Tiffany won’t buy back diamond rings from customers, but consumers can be sure the diamonds are unique and of high quality, so there will be outside buyers. However, the selling price depends on the market.

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