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The young pilot with a “salty taste” found a female head of the department to meet 99% of the requirements-Young man

Monday, May 30, 2022 16:13 PM (GMT+7)

Will the very sweet “young pilot” make the head of the department agree to press the button?

The young pilot with a

You want to date the latest episode with Quyen Linh – Ngoc Lan matches for a couple in Binh Duong, Duc Chuong (28 years old, Ha Tinh) – a worker and My Kim (30 years old) – sales manager of an insurance company and wine business.

Duc Chuong is a cheerful, sociable, easygoing person who likes to sing, learns everything but has no passion for intensive pursuits and smokes.

The young pilot with a

The guy who used to work abroad in Taiwan for 6 years and plans to open a small restaurant said that his taste likes older people because they are taught many things.

“Up to now, I have about 3 relationships. The longest love affair was nearly 2 years when I was in Taiwan, both of them really loved each other but because of family circumstances, geographical distance and customs. The girlfriend’s family doesn’t want her children to get married far away, I’m a person who understands, so I don’t want her parents to think too much, so I withdraw.” the “young pilot” confessed.

My Kim has strong points of eloquence, confidence in front of a crowd, the model of a person who takes care of the family, knows how to drink; hot-tempered weak point.

The young pilot with

“I have 3 relationships, the most recent relationship lasted 5 years and ended more than half a year. The two broke up due to an inappropriate life view and the nature of your work, you go a bit too much, and do not have time to care for you. Both are well and satisfactory, so now I want to create a new life for myself. Before, I lived for people too much, now I live for me. I decide my life for myself, I don’t want to because outside influences affect our relationship.”the female head of the department shared.

Participating in the program, men want women to know how to take care of their families, understand stories, share and yield in life. Girls confidently meet 99% of the requirements of boyfriends who like tall, big, fragrant men. She is not afraid to be a bride, but requires her boyfriend to have the courage to protect his wife.

The young pilot with a

Opening the fence to meet, the female head of the department had a crush on the young pilot “salty taste” and immediately gave a bottle of drunken ginseng wine, making the matchmakers extremely excited.

The Ha Tinh guy also responded with a very sweet sentence: “I was also very nervous when I came here, I had many thoughts in my head, but when I was nervous, I couldn’t think much of it. When I see you, I only see you in my eyes, in my head, there’s only you. He also wants to find a lover later to be a wife and a daughter-in-law for his parents. I have a predestined relationship up here, you give me the opportunity to get to know you, we can get to know each other more. We may not be able to give each other a luxurious and rich life, but I think I will be a solid shoulder to give you every time you are tired or under work pressure.”

The young pilot with a

My Kim frankly said: “My parents are gone, I’m a pretty strong person, quite frankly a “man”, are you twice as strong enough to protect someone as strong as me?”

Duc Chuong affirmed: “I am enough for you. From your hands you can do everything.”

After holding hands to exchange feelings and discussing childbirth, the two fluttering hearts pressed the button to give each other the opportunity to date in the joy of their loved ones. The shy girl hugs her boyfriend and humorously says: “Fragrant as introduced” make everyone laugh.

The young pilot with a

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