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Thuy Tien met an “omen” before falling right on the catwalk

The last day of Vietnam Fashion Week 2022 is hotter than ever with the appearance of Miss Grand Thuy Tien. And Miss International also played the role of vedette at the end of the show in the anticipation of the beauty fans of the country. Right from the first catwalk steps when rehearsing Miss Thuy Tien, she was extremely charismatic and sharp with each step.

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Miss Thuy Tien shows off her cool demeanor with graceful catwalk steps on the runway (source: vifw.official).

And finally, the public can also see Miss Thuy Tien bombarding the catwalk. The moment Hau stepped out, everything seemed to burst with emotions.

Miss Grand Thuy Tien stumbles right on the catwalk

But unfortunately while on the catwalk very flexible, Miss Thuy Tien suddenly fell, that moment made everyone panic. This is the first time Thuy Tien has stumbled on the catwalk, especially when she returned from Miss Grand 2021 with a crown worth 12 billion VND.

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Miss Thuy Tien suddenly stumbled on the catwalk in front of thousands of people and paparazzi (source: fashionjournal85, vifw.official)

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Close-up of Thuy Tien’s life-changing fall. Immediately after the sudden fall, Thuy Tien quickly regained her composure and completed the catwalk with a cold demeanor as if there was no incident (source Duyhermes06).

Miss Thuy Tien first tripped while on the catwalk at Vietnam International Fashion Week (Source: fashionjournal85).

Fortunately, the incident happened near the end of the runway, and Miss Thuy Tien quickly regained her composure, stood up and continued to stride in the warm applause of everyone. The ability to catwalk is also one of Thuy Tien’s strengths when fighting at Miss Grand 2021, but she stumbles right after performing. Also because of the expectation, everyone was panicking before the fall of the Queen’s life.

Right from the backstage, there was a bad “omen”.

Before going on the catwalk, Miss Thuy Tien had a little problem with the outfit she wore. While posing normally, one of the wings suddenly “collapsed”, making her “eyes zero, mouth A”, crying and laughing. Is this a bad “omen” before the show?

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Also the “falling” wings but this time it’s strange. One side brings luck and the other side seems to be a harbinger of trouble for Miss Thuy Tien. Recalling the time when Thuy Tien “broken her wing” right on the stage of Miss Grand 2021, but that moment made history, the rare incident accidentally recreated the word “VN” (abbreviated Vietnam) right on it. stage. That’s why the moment when the wings fall, it is imprinted with the imprint of Vietnam in the international beauty arena.

Thuy Tien meets

Thuy Tien had a problem with her wings, but it was a historic moment that made a strong impression on the stage of Miss Grand 2021.

Thuy Tien meets

The wings had a bit of a problem, but they accidentally created the word VN to the surprise and excitement of the beauty fans in the country.

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