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Time to go fishing

May 30, 2022 10:02 GMT+7

On rainy days, when the summer begins to visit the peaceful countryside, it is also the time when the people in my hometown go fishing, ignore … to catch field fish.

There are houses to clean ponds near the river or close to the house to catch fish. The snakehead fish don’t come from ditches, rivers, and canals rushing back after days of wandering everywhere. The memories of my childhood appear in my mind like a slow-moving film reel…

In the past, the small village where I was born only had about three thatched houses. This season, uncles, you are eager to go fishing. Fishing rods are made of bamboo, which is small, similar to bamboo, but is denser and more flexible. Long hook, miss big fishing, people who cast the hook must also be strong to go far, catch big fish… The hungry fish snaps in, so it can catch a fish.

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The half-kilogram copper snakeheads were poured back, my cheeks were cleaned, washed thoroughly, and drained. Country people like me always know how to make dishes delicious for people to enjoy.

In the rainy season, it is home to grow gourds and pumpkins. They are so wrong that they bend the strings, you see. Go to the garden, cut a few gourd buds and steam them with snakehead fish with gourd buds and coconut milk. A delicious, nutritious dish for the whole family after a hard working day.

The most important thing when making fish is that my mother always keeps the intestines and the head of the fish, she often says: “The head is precious and the throat is precious” and this part is for the “elder” or to treat guests visiting the house. The fish body is cut into pieces to taste, washed again to be clean. Young gourd buds are picked and washed. Mom said cut off the young gourd to let the gourd grow more branches and produce more fruit.

The remaining indispensable ingredient is coconut milk. Coconut is grown at home, so it is necessary. I went under the bed to take two fruits, peeled the coconut shells, shaved off the coir, cut the coconut in half, and then sat down to scrape the coconut rice. After the coconut scraping is done, it is time to squeeze the coconut milk, separate the coconut milk and coconut milk into a cup.

Mother smashed lemongrass and crushed the bottom lining, then put each piece of fish evenly in a medium-sized aluminum mold, then, she arranged sliced ​​vermicelli, chopped black fungus, chopped onion, seasoned with spices. To taste, slowly drizzle coconut milk on top. Put the steamer on the stove and adjust the heat to medium. Hot process, mama put the fish mold into the basket. Boiling water, steam will make the fish meat gradually cooked.

Steamed snakehead fish with gourd, coconut milk
Steamed snakehead fish with gourd, coconut milk

The fish has just been cooked, quickly put the gourd on top, pour coconut milk and then close the lid for about five minutes. The fish is soft, the gourd buds are just ripe but still keep the sweet green color, the coconut milk is fragrant and greasy.

Braised snakehead fish steamed with gourd and coconut milk, dipped with delicious fish sauce and dangerous chili. On rainy and windy days, the new rice is still hot, a few slices of braised fish with fat and a plate of steamed fish with coconut milk make people’s hearts warm.

Steamed snakehead fish with gourd and rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables or just eaten with raw vegetables dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce is also very “catch”.

Today, this popular dish is not only encapsulated in the countryside but also in restaurants and restaurants in urban areas. Although the dish is rustic and simple, it makes people who do not know curious to taste it, those who are far from the countryside find it…

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