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Two gold miners clashed, hundreds of people died

Two gold diggers clashed, hundreds of people died - Photo 1.

A gold mining site in the Republic of Chad – Photo: GUARDIAN

General Daoud Yaya Brahim released more information regarding the violence between two groups of gold miners in the north of the country a week ago, in which about 100 people were killed and at least 40 injured. .

According to General Daoud, the violence that broke out on May 23 between two groups of Mauritians and Libyans initially stemmed from a dispute between two individuals and led to a bloody clash between two groups of goldsmiths of the two countries.

The place of the incident is Kouri Bougoudi, located about 1,000km from the capital N’Djamena of Chad. This is a place where many new gold mines have been discovered, even though it is located in the wild and difficult to access mountains, so it is also beyond the control of the government.

Because of that attractive resource, people from Chad’s neighbors Libya, Niger and Sudan flock here in search of this precious metal. Most of the gold mines in this area are illegally mined.

Following the violence, Chadian authorities issued an order to close all gold mines at Kouri Bougoudi until further notice. The army has been deployed to ensure order and security here.

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