Vietjet aims to operate profitably in 2022, develop e-logistics, pay a dividend of 20% in shares

According to the report at the meeting, in 2021, Vietjet achieved consolidated revenue of VND 12,875 billion and profit after tax of VND 80 billion. As of December 31, 2021, Vietjet’s total assets reached nearly VND 51,654 billion, the debt/equity ratio was only 0.9 times and the liquidity index was 1.6 times, which is in the good group in the aviation industry.

In 2021, Vietjet will both restore and expand its flight network, creating more flight opportunities for people, contributing to the recovery of the economy after the pandemic with localities across the country. During the year, Vietjet performed 40,000 flights, transported 5.4 million passengers on more than 50 routes and transported more than 63,000 tons of goods, recording a revenue increase of over 200% compared to 2020.

This airline has carried out many flights to transport doctors, police, and military reinforcements for localities to fight the epidemic; transported tens of millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccine and together with strategic partners in Sovico Group donated medical equipment such as ambulances, ventilators, test kits, high-grade hospital beds… to the provinces, cities and people all over the country.

By the end of 2021, the airline owns 76 aircraft, expanding its route network to 44 domestic destinations and 95 international destinations.

To prepare for the post-epidemic recovery plan, Vietjet has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Airbus Group on the implementation of ordered aircraft contracts, cooperation in developing a wide-body fleet and many other supports. after the pandemic.

Vietjet has invested in a fleet of wide-body Airbus A330-300 under the low-cost aviation model, opening a new phase of developing longer-range routes.

Recently, Vietjet and Boeing also reached an agreement to continue implementing contracts with many long-term cooperation programs, including: building Vietnam to become the aviation center of the region and the world.

Vietjet Air General Meeting of Shareholders: 2 new orders with about 400 aircraft, the goal of building Vietnam into the aviation center of the region and the world.  - Photo 1.

At the meeting, shareholders approved the business plan resolution in 2022. In which, Vietjet aims to increase its fleet to 82 ships, operate 100,000 flights, and transport 18 million passengers.

Shareholders also voted to pass a resolution to pay a 20% stock dividend from accumulated undistributed profits from the years before the pandemic.

The airline also plans to earn more than VND 22,300 billion in air transport revenue, operating profitably.

Answering some questions from shareholders of the Foreign Investment Fund, related to aircraft orders, Board of Directors member Donald Boylan said that Vietjet has two large orders with two leading aircraft manufacturers. world leaders are Airbus and Boeing. Each order includes about 200 new, modern, comfortable and fuel-efficient aircraft. “There are few airlines in the world that have advantages like Vietjet in terms of trade, technical services, training and strategic partnerships. Mr. Boylan said.

General Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao also said that Vietjet is studying to add more cargo planes, promoting the development of freight transport, e-logistics, express delivery, guaranteed and high-value transportation. , becoming a key business segment of Vietjet.

Regarding gasoline prices, Deputy General Director To Viet Thang said that Vietjet has synchronously implemented solutions to manage fuel costs including saving fuel with a new and modern fleet. Mr. Thang affirmed that Vietjet has a control plan on purchasing reserve fuel, using it economically, controlling loss, increasing fuel surcharges, hedging prices with 30% of fuel used, etc. fuel price increase, Vietjet has certain competitive advantages in the market.

Regarding the operation of international routes, Deputy General Director Nguyen Thi Thuy Binh said that Vietjet has a strong advantage in international flight network before the pandemic, and is gradually restoring route networks in the region. Southeast Asia, followed by flying to Korea, Japan, India. “I expect to restore 70% of the international flight segment right in 2022,” Ms. Thuy Binh said.

Currently, Vietjet has fully restored and expanded its domestic route network and is ready for international flights. Before the epidemic, revenue from international flights accounted for nearly 50% of the airline’s total revenue. Vietjet will continue to expand its routes in the form of codeshares with international airlines, aiming to cover Asia and other countries around the world. phan-20220529135105087.chn

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