‘Vietnam team must create competitiveness’

The rookies are trying to integrate well with the whole team. Vietnam team has confirmed themselves in the V-League, they are called up is a good sign. Recruiting Vietnam always aims to create something new and competitive. All must try harder“, midfielder Que Ngoc Hai shared before the training session on the afternoon of May 30 of the Vietnamese team.

The Vietnamese team is training in Ho Chi Minh City to prepare for a friendly match with Afghanistan at Thong Nhat Stadium on June 1. In this gathering, Coach Park Hang Seo called many new players, including midfielder Dinh Khuong (HCMC Club) or midfielder Thai Quy (Hanoi FC). Some veteran players like Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, and Minh Vuong have no names.

Que Ngoc Hai: 'Vietnam must create competitiveness' - 1

Que Ngoc Hai in the colors of the Vietnam national team.

The Vietnamese team’s team is Afghanistan. In the Asian Cup 2019 qualifiers taking place in 2017, the Vietnamese team met Afghanistan twice, both with draw results. Although there is not much information about the opponent, Ngoc Hai affirmed that the team will make efforts to get good results.

We met Afghanistan in 2017 in the Asian Cup 2019 qualifiers. Currently, they are preparing for the Asian 2023 qualifiers. We don’t have much information about this opponent. The whole team will try, try to get good results.

It’s been a long time since the team played in Thong Nhat, receiving the support of the audience here. We want to win the best results for the fans“, Ngoc Hai said.

Among the members of the Vietnam team’s coaching staff in the current gathering, it is noteworthy that striker Anh Duc appeared in the role of assistant coach. Ngoc Hai is excited about the reunion with his old teammates in a new position.

The whole team is very happy to see Anh Duc again. It’s been a long time since we last saw Anh Duc since he retired from the Vietnam team. Meeting Anh Duc again in his new position is very interesting. Anh Duc is trying his best to complete the work set out by the coach and the head coach“, Ngoc Hai shared.

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