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Which fruits are good for pregnant women at each stage during pregnancy?

How good is fruit for pregnant women?

Fruits provide essential nutrients such as beta carotene for children to help develop tissues and cells, and build a stronger immune system. Vitamin C in the fruit is essential for the development of bones and teeth of children. It is important for the body to get adequate amounts of this vitamin, as it helps the body absorb iron, an important mineral needed during pregnancy.

Which fruits are good for pregnant women at each stage during pregnancy - 1

The fruits are good for pregnant women during pregnancy. (Illustration)

Folic acid is a water-soluble B vitamin that is also important during pregnancy. It prevents fetal growth defects related to the brain and spinal cord. Fruits rich in fiber help mothers deal with constipation and hemorrhoids, while fruits rich in iron prevent anemia.

Potassium is important for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the cells of your body. Leg cramps are very common during pregnancy and they can be alleviated by consuming enough potassium

As recommended by the Institute of Nutrition, pregnant women should eat about 400-500g of fruit a day. If you eat a lot of fruit, it can also make your mother gain weight, unlike many people who think that only when eating rice and eating food will increase weight.

Fruits are good for pregnant women according to each stage of pregnancy

Good fruit for pregnant women in the first 3 months

– Apple: Apples are rich in fiber, which can help regulate a woman’s digestion and prevent hemorrhoids – a common problem faced by many pregnant women.

– Oranges: Oranges and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is important for the growth and development of the bones and teeth of the fetus. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron, an important mineral for the body. Most importantly, vitamin C is an antioxidant, reducing damage caused by free radicals.

Furthermore, oranges are a good source of fiber and folic acid. A water-soluble B vitamin, folic acid prevents brain and spinal cord related growth defects in the unborn baby, so make sure oranges are among the fruits to eat during pregnancy.

– Watermelon: Watermelon has it all: high levels of vitamins A, C and B6, as well as anti-cramp potassium and magnesium. Magnesium helps muscles relax, which can prevent contractions early in pregnancy. In addition, watermelon can fight morning sickness, reduce heartburn, and prevent dehydration.

Which fruits are good for pregnant women at each stage during pregnancy - 2

Watermelon is very good for pregnant women. (Illustration)

– Banana: Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Potassium can be of great help in regulating fluid and blood pressure in a woman’s body and preventing leg cramps or pain in the later stages of pregnancy.

– Kiwi: Kiwi contains high levels of folic acid and is delicious. Folic acid actively helps prevent fetal growth defects. Additionally, kiwi helps expectant mothers to absorb iron more efficiently and this may prove essential to ensure that a mother’s blood carries enough oxygen to her baby.

– Berries: Including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… Berries are rich in antioxidants that can help prevent serious illnesses for both mother and baby.

Good fruit for pregnant women in the second 3 months

– Guava: The nutrients available in guava make it a must-have during pregnancy. It is rich in Vitamins C, E, iso-flavonoids, Carotenoids and Polyphenols. Guava also aids digestion and gives strength to your baby’s nervous system.

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Guava is one of the very good fruits for pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy. (Illustration)

– Pear: Pears are a close relative of apples and are high in folic acid. They are also a rich source of Vitamin C.

– Na: Custard apple is rich in vitamins A and C which are necessary for the eyes, hair, skin and body tissues of the developing baby. This seasonal fruit is also recommended as it enhances the cognitive development of the baby.

– Apricots: Apricots contain important vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Dried apricots are a rich source of iron and fiber, which promote the production of red blood cells and regulate digestion, so are a great fruit to eat during pregnancy.

– Pomegranate: Pomegranate contains folate, calcium, iron, vitamin C so it is recommended to use during pregnancy.

Good fruits for pregnant women in the last 3 months

In addition to the fruits that should be eaten in the first 3 months, the second 3 months of pregnancy, the last 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women can add the following very healthy fruits:

– Plums: If you are having some serious constipation problems, try eating one plum a day. Plums are very effective in preventing constipation during pregnancy.

– Butter: They may not be sweet, but technically avocados are still a fruit and a wonderful fruit. Avocados help to quench cravings for healthy fats while still providing you with a generous dose of fiber.

Which fruits are good for pregnant women at each stage during pregnancy - 5

Avocados help pregnant women provide an abundant source of nutrients. (Illustration)

Additionally, iron can help prevent anemia while magnesium and potassium help relieve leg cramps and nausea. The benefits of eating healthy fats during pregnancy have finally been recognized. Avocados are a great source of healthy fats that women should eat during pregnancy.

– Mango: Mangoes are a great source of vitamins C and A, which help boost your baby’s immunity.

– Cherry: Cherry is a great food for pregnant women. Not only do they contain a lot of vitamin C and contain melatonin, which helps regulate the mother’s sleep, but also helps in the brain development of the baby. Plus, they’re one of the lowest-calorie fruits available, so you’ll get plenty of nutrition for your calories.

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy

– Papaya: At the top of the list for very obvious reasons. Ripe or raw papaya contains latex that can cause premature contractions and can be dangerous to the unborn baby. However, ripe papaya is rich in vitamins and iron. Supplementing with ripe papaya in controlled amounts will not be harmful but completely avoid eating unripe papaya during pregnancy.

– Pineapple: Berries are also not recommended for pregnant women because they contain certain enzymes that change the texture of the cervix, which can cause premature contractions. This can lead to miscarriage. In addition to causing such an effect, pineapple is also known to cause diarrhea and can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy.

Which fruits are good for pregnant women at each stage during pregnancy - 6

Pineapple can pose a risk to pregnancy, is a fruit that pregnant women should not eat a lot. (Artwork)

– Grape: Grapes are not recommended for consumption in the last trimester. They generate heat in the body which is not good for both mother and baby. Avoid excessive consumption of grapes during pregnancy to avoid any complications.

– Palm fruit: Dates stimulate the muscles of the uterus and generate body heat. Avoid these in excessive quantities.

Safety tips to eat fruit during pregnancy

– Try to buy organic fruit that is free of pesticides.

– Wash the fruit thoroughly.

Store fresh fruit in the refrigerator away from raw meat.

Remove bruised areas where bacteria can hide.

Avoid eating pre-cut fruit or eating immediately after cutting.

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