Who decides Hoang Duc’s future?

In fact, Hoang Duc had received offers from a number of foreign teams before, but Viettel refused. Viettel’s decision is not difficult to understand because Hoang Duc is holding an important position in the team, especially after they parted with many stars like Trong Hoang, Que Ngoc Hai… Losing Hoang Duc definitely affects Viettel’s strength. .

Of course, Hoang Duc has many reasons to look forward to playing for a foreign team. That is an opportunity for him to improve his expertise and reputation and income. In this respect, it is easy to assume that Hoang Duc is good for foreign countries Vietnamese football and the national team, which is led by coach Park Hang Seo.

Who decides Hoang Duc's future?  - first

Hoang Duc and his teammates receive prizes at the Viettel host club after winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal.

However, on a larger scale, it is entirely possible to believe that Vietnamese football can only develop healthily and sustainably when the interests of the clubs are respected and guaranteed according to the law. Without the investment of Viettel, HAGL, Hanoi Club as well as other teams, Vietnamese football could not have Hoang Duc, Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh or Quang Hai, Duy Manh…

The right approach for Hoang Duc’s case is to let his future be decided by an agreement with the agreement of Hoang Duc and the governing team. Between clubs and players, and also the representatives of the players (if any), there is always a relationship of cooperation or conflict of interest with each other. This process fueled the development of football.

Coach Park Hang Seo once expressed concern when Quang Hai and Doan Van Hau went abroad because without these players, his team would be affected. The Korean leader will certainly understand and share with the professional worries of coach Truong Viet Hoang when holding Viettel.

Not coincidentally, it is believed that instead of making a recommendation through a 3rd person, Coach Park Hang Seo and possibly the company headed by his agent Lee Dong Jun can completely help Hoang Duc. by making an offer “hard to refuse” to Viettel.

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