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100 million people around the world are ‘forcibly displaced’, the migration crisis has just begun

100 million people in the world are forcibly displaced, the migration crisis has just begun - Photo 1.

Image of a Ukrainian woman with her children going to refugees – Photo: ABC NEWS

Millions of Ukrainian women and children have fled the Russian military campaign in the past three months alone. In addition, millions of others – often rarely seen in the Western media – have fled violence in places like Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Afghanistan or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Both the numbers and the suffering of the refugees “are about to get worse”.

The protracted war in Ukraine – a “breadbasket” currently unable to export wheat and other staples – has sparked an impending global food crisis. In Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, there will be famine.

Margaritis Schinas, the European Union commissioner in charge of migration, told News Agency Bloomberg that he awaits another refugee crisis.

This time, people will travel by canoe across the Mediterranean, instead of on trains through Ukraine and Poland. It would be “more messy,” said Schinas, as if all the other crises weren’t messy enough.

He also said severe food shortages will cause people looking for food to flock to Europe. Migration will be much more chaotic than the exodus of millions of Ukrainians caused by war.

“It will not be possible to control the migration because of hunger,” Mr. Schinas said. He pointed to the scenario of migrants trying to find their way by boat.

When welcoming the Ukrainian refugees, Europeans have a very different set of reactions.

At the train station in Munich, many Germans greet new arrivals with bottled water, teddy bears and hugs. However, there were Germans who expressed outrage at the chaos and wanted to keep the refugees out. Most refugees are quietly apprehensive.

A similar divergence of attitudes affects Europe as a whole. Countries like Hungary have turned their backs on refugees with barbed wire and water cannons.

Meanwhile, the US is also facing the biggest wave of immigration in 20 years.

The number of people from Central America and Mexico who want to cross the border into the US has increased steadily from April 2020 until now. Their reason for leaving is to escape poverty, violence and corruption in Mexico as well as the Northern Triangle (which includes Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) and, most recently, Ukraine.

Migration pressure on the US has increased over the past two years. Each month, the country’s border authorities deport an average of about 220,000 people who crossed the border from Mexico to the United States.

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