1v19 enters grade 6 majoring in Linguistics in Hanoi

On the afternoon of May 31, responding to VTC News, Ms. Nguyen Huyen Trang, Principal of Foreign Languages ​​Secondary School (under the University of Foreign Languages ​​- Vietnam National University, Hanoi) said that the school received more than 1,900 applications. Admissions enter the sixth grade in the 2022 – 2023 school year. While the school’s enrollment target this year is 100 students, the ratio is 1/19. In 2020, the school has a 1/20 ratio and in 2019 a 1:30 ratio.

This year, the school reduced the length of exams, Multiple-choice exams (3 parts: Natural Science and Mathematics; Social Sciences and Literature; English) 40 questions in 50 minutes and Essay (3 parts: Math, Vietnamese, English) done in 50 minutes.

1v19 entering grade 6 majoring in Linguistics in Hanoi - 1

Students go back to school. (Artwork: Dac Huy)

The test content belongs to the Primary education program, mainly in the current 5th grade curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, ensuring 4 levels of awareness: Recognition, understanding, low-level application and high-level application. high level.

The principal said that this year the school held two exams, one at the school and the second at the Foreign Language High School.

The ratio of “playing” 1/19 is a very high number compared to other schools in Hanoi, so the school also planned to coordinate with the ward police and volunteer students from the University of Foreign Languages ​​to analyze the results. stream on exam days, avoid overload. The school also opens the entire stadium, sports complex so that parents can sit and wait.

Previously, the school had announced the exam structure for candidates to refer to, and at the same time, there were mock exams in the online form for students to get acquainted.

In 2021, the Foreign Language Secondary School has to postpone the exam due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and in 2022, the school will take the admission score of 27.2 (equivalent to 6.8 points/subject). The admission score is the sum of three subjects of Natural Science and Mathematics, Social Science and Vietnamese and English, in which English is multiplied by a factor of two. To be eligible for admission, candidates must participate in all exams, do not violate the rules and have no exam less than 2.

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