20-year-old boyfriend was “disguised” to have sex, Phuong Thanh spoke up in defense

Recently, Phuong Thanh has just posted a status line on her personal account and fanpage, related to the young love Doan Chi Kien being faked by antifans on Facebook. Previously, Phuong Thanh’s boyfriend was entangled in a series of rumors about many young girls through social networks.

She wrote: “The boy Doan Chi Kien in 2 days is being faked by people on Facebook and the messages are exposed, destroying Kien in all sorts of ways.

I really love you Kien. How many days did it take Phuong Thanh to convince Doan Chi Kien to go shoot the MV “A story about a girl” for Phuong Thanh, but it was destroyed, creating fake news that Kien was texting this person. Hope everyone can help us come up with a stable project.”

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Phuong Thanh released evidence that there are many fake accounts of Doan Chi Kien.

Phuong Thanh introduced her boyfriend Doan Chi Kien at the noon fan meeting on May 29. Doan Chi Kien was born in 1993, now lives and does business in the field fashion in HCMC. Although he is 20 years younger than Phuong Thanh, he is impressed by his maturity and maturity when he is with his lover.

Voice Empty She said that she was impressed with Doan Chi Kien from the first time she saw him through a video on TikTok. After that, Phuong Thanh actively invited him to play his new MV. Through the times they go out to eat, go to coffee … the two gradually become close and develop love feelings.

20-year-old boyfriend was

Phuong Thanh with young love.

After going through many ups and downs, at the age of 49, Phuong Thanh found true happiness. Referring to the love “sister – sister” with a difference of more than 20 years of age with Doan Chi Kien, the singer said: “We will maintain a soulmate so that we can always be together. Whatever happens, we will meet each other, there will be a past life, there will be a next life. That’s how God intends. Everything else people want to decide must depend on the way of life. , I know how to cherish the predestined relationship to keep each other. With enough debt, it will become a predestined relationship.”

Phuong Thanh also revealed that her boyfriend has a very good relationship with Ga – the singer’s daughter. On one occasion, when she went to Truong Sa on the occasion of Gao’s birthday, Doan Chi Kien offered to hold her baby’s birthday to make up for her mother’s absence. “Currently, the two consider each other like family.” – Phuong Thanh confided.

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