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9 things men often lie to their wives, but it’s not harmful, but it also makes the marriage stronger

1. “Sure baby, that dress looks good!”

Similar sentences are: “Of course you don’t look fat when you wear this”, “I think the wallpaper you chose is beautiful”… Men use small lies like this to avoid hurting themselves. Love your partner and make their life easier.

“Lying to this degree is one way to mitigate friction between the two of you. It doesn’t mean that your husband doesn’t care about what you wear or the decor of the house. It’s just that he realizes that expressing opinions can be cancel a trip or lose an hour at the furniture store,” said Professor Arthur L. Kovacs, a psychologist in Santa Monica, California, USA.

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2. “Oh, this tastes good!”

When your wife cooks but it’s not very good, don’t complain or criticize. That attitude is really rude. That meal is not only to fill your stomach but it is a way to show love to you, so it should be praised instead of criticized.

3. “You can fix it!”

Whether it’s remodeling, grilling, or tweaking the sound system, men always feel like they need to know everything in a certain area. If they can’t fix an item themselves, they still claim to be able to do it for fear of admitting it will make their image less masculine.

These lies will often diminish over time as couples divide household duties according to each person’s actual abilities rather than by traditional gender roles. “Let your husband know he’s lovable for who he is, not the problem-solver,” says psychologist Kovacs.

4. “You are absolutely right”

When you’re arguing with your partner, you can immediately steer the situation by saying sorry or acknowledging the other person is right. This takes your spouse out of a defensive position, relieves both of you of stress, and makes you more willing to find a way to solve the problem.

5. “You didn’t look at her breasts”

No matter how long the two of you have been in love and married, surely the husband will not be able to stop being attracted to other pink shadows. When a beautiful woman walks past, men will notice. If her miniskirt was blown by the wind, only the blind man would not see.

It’s a very normal reaction but why would they lie? Because you don’t like that fact. “Men both understand that they instinctively like to look, but at the same time know that they must always treat their wives as if she is the only concern,” says psychologist Kovacs.

6. “I’m perfectly fine”

Sometimes, you don’t even know your own feelings right away. So there is no need to force yourself to explain every state to your spouse. Saying you’re fine also gives you time to calm down and get to know yourself.

7. “I tried to call you!”

All men secretly think they’re saints – or at least extremely nice guys. They can’t understand how women are disappointed in their husbands when they have given up their brilliant single life to “get into the cage”. So when a wife gets angry because her husband doesn’t call or comes home late, or forgets to buy medicine, men will make up all sorts of excuses.

“Whenever I do something wrong, my wife overdos it, so it’s better to lie to me because sometimes saying sorry will be even more ‘punished’. If I admit I forgot to call my wife when I went out with my wife. My best friend, my wife will say because I don’t remember her. The safest way is to pretend that the battery is dead or broken,” said husband Jay, 34 years old.

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8. “You are the most beautiful”

Most men care a lot about size while women often criticize their body’s shortcomings. So if your partner feels insecure about a certain area of ​​his body and expects your encouragement, give him or her a compliment.

9.”Ex-girlfriend yours? She’s just normal.”

What details from the past became common property when two people got married? With his wife, a man is obligated to declare how many women he has slept with and how great they are. When faced with these probing questions, how will men respond?

“My wife once asked me if I had ever cheated on an ex-girlfriend. There was actually once, but I know women think men are easy to ‘get used to old ways’, so I answered ‘yes’. I hate to say lie but I know that question is a trap, it becomes ‘did you ever betray me?’ and then I became a criminal again,” said a husband named Bob, 32 years old.

When men anticipate that telling the truth will plant seeds of doubt or cause unnecessary hurt, men often lie.

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