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Audience recognition helps revive an eSports “goddess”

From about 5 years ago, the profession of hosting and commenting on games began to appear and develop strongly. Especially in the past few years, it can be seen that this is a “hot” field that is loved by many young people, but in reality, this is also a very cruel profession, because if it is not, the audience Love is very difficult to “survive”. This requires MCs to shape their own style. And did a good job, girl Yuniko certainly a household name in the world of eSports. Even when it comes to popular live show hosts, Yuniko definitely ranks among the best.

The audience's recognition helps revive a

Few people know that she is the only child in the family, so her childhood life is somewhat boring. With few relatives, no siblings to play with, she can only watch her neighbors playing video games in desire. For that reason, she also chose her two favorite games as a place where she could entertain herself. Yuniko also buys points cards like other gamers and interacts with netizens: “The main thing is that I want to chat with people and make friends, because it creates a feeling of family” – she confided.

After entering university, because the boys in the class were very passionate about League of Legends, with a talent for playing games developed at an early age, she quickly joined the ranks of gamers and boys in the class. And as a girl, she began to attract attention and the number of viewers watching the live broadcast increased gradually because of this interest.

The recognition of the audience helps to revive a

However, Yuniko never herself would stick to the field of Esports, but after the chance to host live broadcasts and host games, accumulate fans little by little. This work paid off until she officially became an employee of a game company with a stable income.

For her, this is a dream job, being in the game industry she enjoys, playing the games she enjoys and more importantly with a relatively stable salary, at least she finally can take care of the family.

But one thing that she did not expect, after a while, Yuniko received a lot of pressure and criticism from netizens for “bland” reasons: not wearing earrings, not suitable for sports arenas. electronic…

The audience's recognition helps revive an E-Sports

What the female MC is really afraid of is that because of these comments, the company decided to replace her. Yuniko doesn’t hesitate to improve her hosting, presentation and vocal training skills as well as improve her game skills: “I want to use the shortest time for netizens to see her change. Indeed, this trick really works. Viewers are more open to me. This is the first time I feel the warmth of netizens.”

As words of encouragement begin to appear, Yuniko admits to being strengthened even more, because in the end: “My efforts have been recognized by others.”

The recognition of the audience helps to revive a

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