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Bad habits that make cars break down quickly

1. Trying to drive when the gas tank is about to run out

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 1.

It is also not good to often drive when the fuel tank is almost empty because the fuel at the bottom of the car’s fuel tank is often filled with impurities such as residue and debris. Prolonged this condition for days, these impurities can clog the fuel filter and lines, which will cost you repair.

To keep the fuel pump in good condition, the driver should keep the fuel in the tank always at least about a quarter.

2. Carrying too heavy

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 2.

While many people often think that this does not affect the car too much, but do not know that, it is this habit that causes the weight of the car to increase, adversely affects fuel consumption, the system decreases. shocks and brakes.

Modern cars are designed to carry heavy loads, but by no means can they be overloaded. The owner’s manual will usually tell the user the maximum load weight of the vehicle. The greater the weight, the more pressure is placed on the brakes, suspension and powertrain.

It’s also important to note that while leaving unnecessary items – like golf clubs or exercise equipment in the trunk of your car – won’t add extra stress to your car’s components, it will affect your car’s performance. affect the vehicle’s fuel economy and can affect the vehicle’s emissions.

3. Drive fast continuously

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 3.

Of course, driving fast continuously for a long time will greatly increase fuel consumption. But that’s not all.

This habit also causes parts of the powertrain, suspension settings and brakes to be affected by having to work more than usual.

4. Shift gears before stopping

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 4.

Shifting gears between reverse and drive (and vice versa) on cars fitted with automatic transmissions is not good for the powertrain. The automatic transmission is designed to shift gears – while the brakes do the work to bring the car to a halt.

Shifting gears before stopping causes wear and tear on the transmission, rather than the brake discs and brake pads, which should have been built to corrode.

The same goes for manual cars, so the driver should come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse (although most modern cars won’t allow shifting without stopping).

5. Hand rest on gear lever

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 5.

This is a completely bad habit because when encountering unexpected situations, the driver will not have time to put his hand on the steering wheel to steer, not to mention many people often get stuck while handling the situation, leading to You can make a mistake and accidentally switch to another gear. Normally, drivers are always advised to keep both hands on the steering wheel to ensure safety

In addition, resting your hand on the gear lever also causes the gear control lever to wear out quickly, causing damage to the gearbox. Some manuals even specifically recommend this habit, users need to check carefully when using the car.

6. Ignore the warning icons

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 6.

The warning lights on the tablo board are not naturally bright, it only lights up when the car is having problems. Therefore, the fact that the driver does not pay attention to these warnings may not cause immediate danger to the car, but after a continuous period of time, it is likely that the car owner will have to spend a lot of money on repairing the car. .

Drivers should check their owner’s manual to learn what the warning lights on the dashboard mean and familiarize themselves with the most severe warning lights, helping them know which lights to stop and deal with immediately. Driver.

7. Continuous braking when going downhill

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 7.

Constant braking is a bad habit that can increase the wear of brake pads and discs. This will result in the need to replace them more often, adding unnecessary costs to driving.

When going downhill, it is best for the driver to shift to a low gear, apply the brake a few times, and then release the pedal to let the brake cool. Keep in mind that only apply the brake when necessary, before repeating this process all the way down to the bottom of the slope.

8. Getting into potholes and speed bumps

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 8.

Reports have shown that a third of all vehicle failures are caused by potholes, so it is best to avoid these obstacles on the road. The impact can cause the wheel to buckle, even crack, as well as lose the balance of the wheel.

Similarly, driving over a speed bump without slowing down can damage the front and rear of the vehicle, underneath and possibly the exhaust system.

9. Do not wait for the machine to heat up

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 9.

Users should let their car warm up gradually each time the engine is turned on, especially if it has not been driven for a while or if the weather is cold. Starting quickly is one of the most common bad driving habits that will damage a vehicle as most people are usually in a hurry to get to where they are going.

Letting your car’s engine warm up for a minute or two before driving will help the oil reach temperature and properly distribute it throughout the engine block. The engine when cold will not speed up the process. Instead, it will create an adverse effect on the engine components.

10. Do not use the handbrake

Bad habits cause cars to break down quickly - Photo 10.

For automatic transmission cars, even when parking on a flat road and in P mode, the driver should still use the handbrake. According to vehicle experts, when parking the car, the entire weight of the vehicle is concentrated on a very small part just the size of a finger, the parking pawl. This is a very easy part to wear or break, so pulling the handbrake is a measure to help power and increase the life of the parking pin.

Accordingly, automatic transmission drivers should follow the steps when parking the vehicle as follows: Step on the foot brake to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, pull the handbrake and then change the gear lever position from D to P. At this time, turn off the engine.

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