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Birth – old – sick – death cafe in Bangkok

ThailandStepping into Kid Mai Death Awareness cafe, some diners feel like they’re attending a funeral.

Every detail in Kid Mai Death Awareness revolves around the law of birth – old age – illness – death. To enter the restaurant, diners have to go through a dark cellar with questions like “Are you tired today?”, “What do you live for?”, “Is anyone waiting for you? “… The menu also has four special drinks named “Birth”, “Old”, “Sick”, “Tzu”.

Each room opens up special experiences for diners. For example, the “Birth” experience allows diners to lie in suspended hammocks that simulate time in a mother’s womb. The “Sick” room has hospital-like clothes and beds, with reminders to stay healthy while you can.

The “Death” experience features a coffin for guests to understand what it’s like to die in three minutes. Participants of this experience will receive a 10% discount on the bill. However, many people said they were eager to enter the coffin not because of money problems. They believe that the horrible feeling of experiencing death will motivate them to cherish every precious moment in life.

Veeranut Rojanaprapa, the owner of the restaurant, said he arranged the space according to Buddhist teachings. Veeranut believes that when people die, they leave empty-handed, without taking anything with them. Therefore, he opened the shop with the hope that people would better understand death, live more altruistically, and appreciate life more. He hopes people will let go of greed, hatred and delusion to feel a light and comfortable life.

The shop also received many positive reviews from diners and achieved 4.5 stars out of 5. Many people rate this as one of the most interesting cafes in Bangkok. “Come and try a glass of ‘Lao’, maybe this will also be a memorable experience in your trip,” one diner shared. Another said that the space of the bar made them feel like they were attending a funeral.

A check-in corner of the shop with death signs in languages.  Photo: Kid Mai Death Cafe

A check-in corner of the shop with signs saying “death” in languages. Image: Kid Mai Death Cafe

However, next to the praises are the negative comments. Some argue that this theme cafe has an inappropriate approach, evoking feelings of loss. Some people even avoid going through this address because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Owner Veeranut accepts both praise and criticism, and continues to exploit more outdoor space at the bar with the theme of history, culture combined with art. The cafe also organizes knowledge sharing sessions, experiences and exchanges on mental health.

This coffee shop is located at 1191, Phaholyotin Road, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai. To get here by train, get off at BTS Ari station, exit at exit 1, then walk to the Victory monument about 40 meters, you will see a cafe on the right. The shop is open from 10am to 7pm daily. This site is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

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