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Change your life since becoming a Grab partner

Ho Chi Minh CityHaving run Grab for two years, Mr. Hai has mastered finances and time for his family, and is more open-minded than before.

Since joining the driving profession, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai – Grab driver partner has many times encountered strange situations. He said, when he first ran Grab, there was a time when he brought passengers to the place, they told them to wait to get inside to get their things. Waiting until the customer did not return, called or answered the phone, he realized that he had been cheated by the customer. Also many times, this driver is sorry when customers “bomb” food. “So many times, I could only call the switchboard to get a refund for the trip,” Hai said.

However, the Grab driver still did not once blame but only considered it as experience. “The work, sometimes it is not always smooth, but fortunately, I still have teammates and Grab. Whenever there is a problem, Grab is very supportive,” he shared.

Despite facing many difficult situations, Mr. Hai is still reassured by Grab's support.  Photo: Grab

Despite facing many difficult situations, Mr. Hai is still reassured by Grab’s support. Image: Grab

Mr. Hai raised the child alone. Previously, he worked for a salary. Although his income is stable, his time is not flexible for him to take care of his children. In 2019, he decided to switch to Grab and stick with it until now. “If I have an urgent job, I can turn off the app for a few days and run back to my hometown, before it was difficult to take a break like that,” Hai said.

After a while, he also got used to the job, became closer and talked more with his colleagues. Thanks to that, the personality also gradually changed, no longer alone but became more confident. From a person who is afraid of crowds and withdraws when communicating, the male driver is bolder and more open. Now, on each of his trips, the driver talks and asks questions of passengers. Mr. Hai said that each customer has a story, giving him a lot of knowledge and perspective to make every day experience fresher.

Mr. Hai actively joined the Mobile Team to support the drivers.  Photo: Grab

Mr. Hai actively joined the Mobile Team to support the drivers. Image: Grab

Running Grab for a long time, he also received the enthusiasm of his colleagues. Whenever in difficulty, Mr. Hai can call for help from his “travellers”. He also decided to join the Grab Mobility Team to help drivers in difficulty. He said, that’s also how he finds joy in the job he’s been attached to for more than two years. “Normally, I still support accidents, broken cars, damaged cars, empty cars, etc. Even if it’s 2 am, if I’m near, I will wake up immediately to help. Volunteering is fun,” the driver confided.

For more than two years with Grab, Mr. Hai’s life is now more stable. He said he has more fun and can also control his finances and time to take care of his family.

Not only drivers, many shops and restaurants also “make a fortune” when they become Grab’s partners. For example, the story of Aunt Lan’s snail noodle shop. From a small trolley in District 4, the noodle shop now has 4 branches throughout Ho Chi Minh City. To get this achievement, Mr. Truong Quoc Tung – the son of Aunt Lan has been constantly looking for ways to take the brand further. In the fierce competition between traditional restaurants, one of the motivations for him to persevere is his love and desire to bring his mother’s taste to many people.

Mr. Tung with his mother (Mrs. Lan) at Aunt Lan's snail noodle shop.  Photo: Grab

Mr. Tung and his mother (Mrs. Lan) at Aunt Lan’s snail noodle shop. Photo: Grab

Despite being a brand that is passed on by word of mouth and has a certain number of customers, expanding the business is not always easy, “The first difficulty is in my family. Every time I ask to open a new branch, my mother always cried because he was afraid that there would be no guests, no one to cook,” Tung said.

Not only facing objections from his family, the problem of premises, employees, and money many times also caused Tung to “rub his hair”. He said, there was a time when he opened a branch, because he did not calculate and consider carefully when recruiting, so he recruited a series of employees who did not have a good attitude and sense. After a while, the staff voluntarily took a series of leave, causing the restaurant to falter.

At first, guests were just hanging around in the area. Later, Mr. Tung started an online business, typically cooperating with the Grab platform to expand the customer base for the shop. Thanks to this transformation, the restaurant’s revenue is on the rise. He said: “Since cooperating with GrabFood, my shop not only has more orders, but the atmosphere is also much more vibrant when Grab drivers come to pick up food continuously.”

During the peak epidemic in mid-2021, the business through Grab has contributed to helping the restaurant’s 4 branches not have to close. Grab also has many partner support programs such as “Lunch 0 VND”, “Dinner 0 VND” to help Mr. Tung’s shop attract more customers during peak hours.

Currently, looking at the regular number of customers ordering through the app every day, Tung and his mother both feel happy. “Doing any job is difficult and tiring. It is important not to falter and persevere, then you will definitely succeed,” said Mr. Tung.

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