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‘China’s most beautiful star’ returns with historical blockbuster

Duong Sieu Viet – who was dubbed the “most beautiful star in China” was recognized for his acting after controversy about his ability.

Film Argument of a hero who is worthy of a hero has just officially aired after a period of propaganda. The blockbuster Chinese historical project with the participation of stars Tang Thuan Hy, Duong Sieu Viet, Luu Vu Ninh, Tran So Ha and Menh Tu Nghia is currently receiving the attention of the media and Chinese-language audiences.

The film revolves around the heroic teenager Vuong Tieu Thach (Teng Thuan Hy) during a trip down the mountain, first stepping into the place of Gypsy. Here, he meets his friends On Nhu (Duong Sieu Viet), Bach So Phi (Luu Vu Ninh) and To So Than (Tran So Ha). Four people with different backgrounds and the same hero decided to make a vow to this life. Together, they overcame the unpredictable difficulties and dangers in the wicked gypsy, gradually matured and understood the morality of being a human being and being a true hero.

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Duong Sieu Viet is recognized for acting through a historical project.

In there, Duong Sieu Viet as On Nhu – a romantic girl with a chivalrous spirit and vivacious behavior. This character is different from the actress’s previous films, thereby helping her to have a significant promotion in acting.

Duong Sieu Viet was born in 1998, possesses an innocent and clear beauty. She has been active in art since June 2018. She surpassed many Chinese beauty monuments such as Yang Mi, Angelababy, Liu Yifei… won first place in TC Candler’s beauty chart, becoming “the most beautiful beauty in China”, “star” China’s most beautiful”…

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In recent years, Duong Sieu Viet acted in movies and received positive feedback. The most recent movies she acted in were Our new life nice Ideal city. Her acting is considered immature but promising.

After only a few days of airing, “The Hero Who Deserves Hero” has attracted a lot of attention, the views on the platforms have increased sharply. Specifically, on Vlinkage’s chart of current dramas, the film rose to second place with 74.41 points. Reached more than 57.9 million reads and more than 230 thousand discussions on Weibo. In Vietnam, the film entered the Top 10 most notable films on VieON.

The film received attention thanks to its context, creative and attractive content. Besides, the visual quality, composition and aesthetics of the costumes are definitely the best costume movies ever. Star actors are recognized for their potential after controversies with previous projects.

The movie airs in parallel on VieON at 23:00 every Monday – Friday, starting from May 23.

Trailer ‘Hero essay who deserves a hero’

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