Coach Park Hang Seo revealed the reason why Quang Hai did not attend the 31st SEA Games

According to coach Park Hang Seo, the reason Quang Hai did not attend the 31st SEA Games is because the midfielder is in the process of negotiating with a club in Austria. Notably, this team set a very ironic provision that they would cancel negotiations if Quang Hai was injured during the SEA Games.

Coach Park Hang Seo revealed the reason why Quang Hai did not attend the 31 - 1 SEA Games

Quang Hai did not attend the 31st SEA Games because the Austrian club caused difficulties in the negotiation process (Photo: Thanh Do)

“The fact is, when we were on the list to attend the 31st SEA Games, Quang Hai had contact with a team in Austria, but he still hasn’t come to a decision. The condition of the Austrian team is if Quang Hai gets injured. when he attends the SEA Games, they will cancel all negotiations.He really wants to join the SEA Games.But even in the group stage we have played 5-6 matches, there is no guarantee that he will not get injured. .

Tomorrow, we only play 1 match. As for this gathering, I also asked Quang Hai. He said that because he had not been able to focus on the national team for a long time, he really wanted to participate. I respect Hai’s opinion, so I put his name on the list this time. The fact that Hai is on the list of summons this time means that he will have the opportunity to play. However, how to use him or make sure to play or not, I cannot answer.”Coach Park Hang Seo said.

Also in this press conference, the Korean strategist shared about the difficulty of finding a friendly opponent.

He explained: “We know that we have reached the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, so we have the right to go straight to the Asian Cup. While other teams have to play in the qualifying round, it is difficult to find opponents to play friendly matches. Fortunately, We have found Afghanistan.

It’s been 5 years since the Vietnamese team came to play in Ho Chi Minh City, which is very interesting. We also have a few new players so I wanted to check out what they’re capable of. At the same time, I also want to try new tactics.”Coach Park Hang Seo said.

Coach Park Hang Seo revealed the reason why Quang Hai did not attend the 31st - 2nd SEA Games

Former player Nguyen Anh Duc (left) joined the coaching staff of the Vietnamese team during this gathering (Photo: Thanh Do)

During this gathering, former striker Nguyen Anh Duc joined the training board of Vietnam Tel, while assistant Lee Young-Jin was absent. Coach Park Hang Seo stated that the reason was because Lee Young-Jin’s son was getting married, so he returned to Korea to take care of the family.

Besides, Coach Park Hang Seo said that the appointment of Anh Duc as an assistant in the team had been discussed very carefully with the Vietnam Football Federation.

“Currently we don’t have a coach specializing in the team, so the assistants are usually supported by the clubs. However, at this time many people are stuck with the training schedule at the club, so it is not easy to invite them up. Anh Duc is studying with a Pro degree. and has prepared to become a professional coach.It is very important for him to be in the national team.Of course the current assistant team is doing very well, but Anh Duc is a player who has been active in the national team for a long time. so I believe he will be a good support in the exchange of information between the coaching staff and the players. We all know that Anh Duc has contributed a lot to the national team and his experience is also essential.”Coach Park Hang Seo confirmed.

In addition, the Korean strategist praised the good Thong Nhat pitch, but was not satisfied with the drainage capacity and hoped that the yard organizers would pay more attention to this issue.

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