Expensive details of Fusion Resort & Villas Danang “attract” investors

The view comes from an expensive location

As expected, Fusion Resort & Villas Danang project has once again stirred up the Danang resort real estate market in the coastal resort villa segment right after it was announced that phase 2 is about to be opened for sale. . The model house is currently in the process of being completed and will start welcoming visitors in June.

The project makes a strong impression on investors who are looking for a coastal villa with a fresh ecological environment, modern, luxurious, new style and meticulousness in each design. Therefore, investors are looking forward to visiting and experiencing these model houses.

Analysts say that, with the success of the first sale reaching 100% liquidity in a short time, the upcoming phase 2 sale, investors need to quickly seize the opportunity to own. before “sold out”.

In addition to a limited number of products, Fusion Resort & Villas owns unique and expensive elements. According to experts, there are two criteria that determine the size of luxury resort real estate, namely location and highlight architecture. Beautiful architecture is an advantage and an expensive location is a prerequisite factor affecting investment decisions.

The expensive details of Fusion Resort & Villas Danang

Strategic geographical location located at the gateway of Da Nang, convenient connection with world heritage sites has become an attractive factor, attracting investors of Fusion Resort & Villas Danang.

Fusion Resort & Villas has a location that not many projects have. It is an affirmation for a unique and high-class value from a reputable brand. The real estate market in Da Nang currently has no new luxury projects while the land bank is no longer available. Fusion Resort & Villas Danang is located in a convenient location of the chain of high-class resorts of Da Nang and Hoi An cities, conveniently connecting to the city center and famous tourist attractions. The project not only focuses on the location in general but also focuses on the position of each villa in the overall project in particular. The villas are arranged in a position to both ensure the convenience of connecting to the external utilities, and to ensure the perfect resting space, combined with privacy and quiet for the guests. homeowners. Unlike conventional projects, Fusion’s villas are spread evenly over the total planning of the project, both allowing the villas to access the common spaces in the most uniform manner, and at the same time adding Green spaces create a balance of feng shui, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation. It can be said that with the above extremely favorable geographical advantages, it has brought extremely sustainable and potential development advantages for the project.

Unique design – The key factor to convince investors to choose

The design of Fusion Resort & Villas is a unique design “created” by the leading architects of Fusion, promising to be a luxury resort “destination” in the most livable city in Vietnam. With a contemporary design style, combining high-class materials and equipment, the designers have elaborated in every line to bring a very delicate and close to nature living space.

The expensive details of Fusion Resort & Villas Danang

Resort-style design with a “tent house” area, connecting the swimming pool with the green garden area

The villas in the project own sea view. The main highlight is the “tent house” design. Right from the concept stage, the designers of Fusion wanted to bring a true resort-style space for the owner, so an outdoor swimming pool and a green private garden are two must-have elements in all. All villas of the project. Each villa is arranged to be able to receive natural sunlight and cool fresh wind. The arrangement of garden space right in the villa premises will create natural air circulation, helping to regulate the air. In addition, the design accents with the prominent tiled roof and elegant wood grain ledges, natural light and sea breeze elements are maximized by using the entire glass wall to bring a warm living space. Worship and closeness like being in harmony with nature.

Fusion Resort & Villas Danang villas with designs from 1 to 6 bedrooms are said to be suitable for many different uses of the owners.

With the project model house officially opening to welcome visitors coming soon, future owners and investors will have the opportunity to experience the reality of a coastal living space with exquisite design and convenient amenities. Attractive benefits at one of the leading luxury resorts in the coastal city of Da Nang.


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