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Given her husband’s 3 billion USD of pocket money, Cao Khang’s wife “risked” opening 6 companies and the ending was unexpected.

In life, money is one of the top concerns. There is a view that money is not everything, but without money, it is very hard. Anyone who is born is educated for the purpose of getting a job and making money.

Undeniably, money plays an important role in every aspect of life. Many people dream that they have a lot of money like Jack Ma, Ly Gia Thanh, Luu Cuong Dong… to live without worries. There are also people who have dreamed of “getting rich overnight”.

However, not everyone is born rich and successful. On the journey of starting a business, failure is inevitable. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a companion for themselves.

However, there are still fairy tales in the middle of life that make people admire. The story of the couple below is a typical example of the saying “behind every successful man is a woman”.

1. The tycoon husband gives his wife 3 billion USD for pocket money

Li Wei Nhi is the wife of businessman Liu Yong Hao from Sichuan, China. She is famous for being loved and cared for by her husband. Luu Vinh Hao’s love for his wife made him willing to give his wife 20 million yuan as pocket money.

When he started his business, Luu Vinh Hao was always so busy with work that he neglected his family. At that time, his wife, Luu Nguyen Nhi, accepted to give up her career and stayed at home for 8 years, silently taking care of her husband and children.

Later, when he became famous, Luu Vinh Hao did not forget his wife’s efforts. To compensate for that sacrifice, he gave her a small amount of money to spend and shop. Contrary to the usual, Ly Nguyen Nhi did not use that money to buy branded goods to realize the long-cherished startup idea.

Although Mrs. Ly has been a housewife for 8 years, she is not inferior to her husband. Thanks to her unique vision, she still finds a way to grow in the business field. Seeing the potential in the marigold and printing industries, Ly Nguyen Nhi quickly opened up a company in these two fields.

Given her husband's 3 billion dollars of pocket money, Cao Khang's wife risked opening 6 companies and the ending was unexpected - Photo 1.

Lee Nguyen Nhi. Photo: QQ

Luu’s first investment did not go smoothly, many printers in the factory were damaged, if repaired at a high price, it would cost a lot. She offered to let the mechanic fix it by herself and the effect was amazing. The savings not only helped revive the company, but also helped her business rise to the top position in the region at the time.

Under the management of Ly Nguyen Ni, the printing company opened 6 companies in a row and made tens of billions of dollars thanks to the $3 billion pocket money her husband gave her. Ms. Li has successfully transformed herself from a housewife to a famous businessman in Sichuan. The couple Luu Vinh Hao and Ly Nguyen Nhi were then the symbol of a successful and happy family.

2. The beginning was not very smooth sailing, difficulties piled up with difficulties

The love story of Ly Nguy Nhi and Luu Vinh Hao is like stepping out of a fairy tale. Liu Yong Hao was the richest man in Sichuan, but before he got to where he is today, he was just a “poor boy”.

Because Luu Vinh Hao’s background was not promising, Ly Wei Nhi’s parents forbade their love. However, at that time, Ly Nguyen Nhi did not care that her spouse was from a poor background. On the contrary, she highly appreciated Luu Vinh Hao’s ability. Despite her disapproval, she was still determined to marry this man.

What makes people confused is that after the two got married, Luu Vinh Hao took his wife to the cemetery to express his love, and vowed to be together for life. Although this way is a bit odd, but Ly Nguyen Nhi is still very touched.

They spent 8 years “sitting thorns tasting honey” to get sweet fruit. Even Ly Nguy Nhi had to give up her teaching career to retire to support her husband. In the early days of his business, Luu Vinh Hao had to shoulder the burden of both his life and career. To relieve the pressure and help her husband overcome difficulties, Ms. Ly even sold her favorite watch.

Finally, in 2007, when the job was stable, she was given a platinum ring by her husband from Cartier. This ring was specially ordered by Luu Vinh Hao for his wife.

Luu Vinh Hao’s assets are increasing day by day, over the past 20 years his company has developed very well, always has a steady upward trend. Even when he became a successful businessman, he still lived a simple life like when it was hard.

Given her husband's 3 billion USD of pocket money, Cao Khang's wife risked opening 6 companies and the ending was unexpected - Photo 2.

Luu Vinh Hao. Photo: QQ

What never changed was his attitude towards his wife, whether poor or rich, Luu Vinh Hao was deeply in love with Ly Nguyen Nhi. Although the company has a lot of work, he still takes time to come home to eat with his wife every day.

After obtaining certain successes, Ly Nguyen Nhi and her husband were not blinded by money. They are always enthusiastic and carry out the work of poverty alleviation and public welfare. When she was young, Ms. Luu was a girl from a religious family, with good looks, so there was no shortage of people to ask for acquaintances. In this way, she fell in love with the poor boy and was willing to share his hardships with him.

It is worth mentioning that the two have a daughter together, Luu Sang. “A tiger gives birth to a tiger and a death”, Luu Sang is very talented in business. Now she is a successful woman. businessmen. After graduating with an MBA, Liu Chang chose to return to China to develop his career. Now she has a foothold in the Beijing business world, accumulating a lot of relationships.

With her husband giving her 3 billion USD of pocket money, Cao Khang's wife risked opening 6 companies and the ending was unexpected - Photo 3.

3. Behind a successful man is a woman’s shadow

At the time the two came together, no one ever thought that one day they would have a life as rich as they are now. Instead of settling in to accept reality, they crossed their comfort zone and bravely moved forward.

The two people respect each other, trust and accompany each other throughout the career process. Luu Vinh Hao, whether you are busy or famous, will not abandon his wife. On the contrary, he was always devoted to his family and loved his beautiful wife. Besides, Ly Nguyen Nhi is also a person who always supports her husband and takes care of the family from the smallest things, which has given her husband great confidence and encouragement.

People still say “easier said than done”. After witnessing various disputes between rich and powerful families, a couple like Luu Vinh Hao and Ly Nguy Nhi never forgot their poor starting point. Along the way, there have been many ups and downs, but fortunately, the two have a predestined relationship, a precious love that deserves everyone’s praise.

From the story of the businessman couple Luu Vinh Hao, we can see that behind a successful man is a woman’s shadow. Not only that, Ms. Ly also broke people’s traditional stereotypes and proved that women are not only responsible for housework but also have careers of their own.

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