Ho Chi Minh City International School takes ‘part of responsibility’ for student fight

“The school acknowledges that it is partly responsible when an unfortunate incident occurs between students, causing concern to parents. In addition, the school will also learn from experience in handling the situation quickly to avoid causing trouble. misunderstandings for parents and creating conflicting information on social networks”, The principal of International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) – Kim Sharee Green – stated in a report about the school violence case that is causing a stir in public opinion.

The school is very concerned that the parties involved in abusing the media and online media carry out inciting attitudes or behaviors, online bullying by spreading some personal information of students such as home addresses. , personal pictures… “The school looks forward to receiving your support in solving this problem,” paragraph report.

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Image of a student being beaten by a friend.

Learning from the above incident, the school is committed to monitoring students more closely, both academically and psychologically. The school will work more closely with parents to find a satisfactory solution to help them relieve stress and stabilize their studies.

On May 26, at Ho Chi Minh City International School, after the official school day, the teacher in charge was informed that there was a group of students fighting outside, two blocks from the school. The teacher is in charge of taking the students back to school and taking them to the medical room for a health check. Next, the school administrators met with the students to hear them report the incident.

However, the communication between the school administration and the student was forced to stop when the student’s parents arrived at the school, asking the school to immediately handle the case and handle the student.

At that time, due to the recent incident, the school did not have enough information, so it could not make an immediate decision to handle it. The school explained this to parents, but some parents disagreed and had inappropriate attitudes and actions and did not cooperate with the school.

On May 27, school leaders extracted all security cameras inside and outside the school to find out the whole incident. Currently the school is in contact with parents, to arrange appointments, to work early next week. The school is working with the local police on this matter, and parents on both sides have reported it to the police station.

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