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Horrifying clip of the phone exploding like a bomb while charging, 2 children lucky to escape

May 31, 2022 09:53 GMT+7

Phones that are charging suddenly catch fire and explode, but it is rare that there is a clip that captures the whole scene of a phone exploding red like the clip below.

The clip that is going viral on social media, attracting the attention of netizens, was recorded by a security camera in people’s homes.

According to the clip, two sisters, a boy and a girl, are playing together on a chair in the living room. Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded, flames and sparks rose up and flew around, falling to the place where the two sisters were playing. Startled and frightened, the two children quickly pulled each other away. The mother downstairs heard a loud noise and rushed up and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the scene. Fortunately, the two children were not injured because the phone exploded while charging right next to it.

The person who shared the clip did not specify when and where the incident happened, but the clip is still spreading rapidly on social networks, attracting hundreds of thousands of views, expressing feelings and comments from residents. netizens.

Many people were heartbroken when the two children were lucky to be uninjured and reminded each other to charge their phones properly and ensure fire safety:

Too many cases of mobile phones exploding while charging, many people have to be hospitalized for burns and injuries. I don’t know if it’s because of the quality of the phone or for some other reason? It is best to plug in the phone charger in a place far from the bed, away from children”;

“Now all phones are cheap, so the components are also full of crap. Using time, the machine is as hot as a coal”;

“Fortunately, no child has just held the phone while charging, otherwise it is too dangerous. Parents who come here should also remind their children not to use their phones while charging, lest they explode, damage their eyes and lose people like playing.” ;

“Never leave your phone or ipad on the bed while it’s charging. It’s hot and explodes like a game.”

Lam Giang

Clip: MXH

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