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Husband increased the frequency of sex for fear of being ‘revenge’ by me

Since the day I was discovered, he sincerely pleaded, spent all his time with his family, invited me to travel, and tried to mend everything.

About husband and wife, he demanded more, I remained normal, did not fight in front of the children. I take care of him and my children, take care of the house, internal and external relations, and spend a lot of time developing the business. I earn more money, shop more freely and dress up. I do not tell this story to anyone, not even close friends and family, much less want my parents to know. I think I haven’t done anything yet, but telling this story will only make my parents sadder.

Deep in my heart, I know that except for making mistakes with my wife in the past, he is a good husband, sharing everything with me. To forgive my husband is very difficult when I am the stubborn and perfectionist type of woman, I can control everything that happens. I told my husband, before coming to him I used to love but still keep my virginity. Years of being a wife, I wholeheartedly take care of my family, love and take care of him. It’s not that I don’t have vibrations, but I know how to control my emotions so that I don’t make mistakes. “It was a mistake that I didn’t dare to face, now that you know it, I just ask for your forgiveness,” said her husband.

>> Just had a baby and found out that her husband was in contact with her ex

I still live a normal life and take care of my children. However, I go out to socialize with friends, eat and drink more. In the past, I always prioritized him, as long as he invited me to eat, I could skip the appointment with my colleagues. The story has nothing to say when the frequency I go two or three times a week, it’s just to have a drink, come home around 10:00 at night. When I returned, he was jealous again for no reason, forcing me to do marital affairs. I was too drunk to serve, and he said that there was no one out there who would refuse her husband.

He hugged me, my hair smelled of cigarettes from sitting near smokers, he was also jealous for no reason. My hair is thick, can smell, I can’t wash it at night. The last time, I was drunk so I went to bed early with my children. Before that, I also tried to collect laundry, clean the house neatly, go to work as usual, come home for lunch, and then the couple went to their own room. He bit my neck, bruises patchy, I lay unresponsive. Then I put the tape back on, but all my co-workers looked at it and made sure they understood.

At home, the phone rang but I didn’t answer, he was also jealous. At the peak last night he got angry, grabbed his phone and swore. He got angry but never hit me. In my heart, I didn’t want to have enough with my husband. I love myself, I don’t want to be in a hurry to play with someone else’s feelings. Only when I went out did I see that men caught my eye a lot even though I knew I had a family. I know where my self-worth is after years of wholeheartedly caring for my husband and children. I dress up, make skin, practice to stay in shape after giving birth, look more beautiful to forget the thoughts that have haunted me for the past year.

>> Love the old love more than husband

Many nights lying next to him, watching the person I love passionately, I know it is not easy to let go. We have had years together to overcome the ups and downs so that now, after completing the birth obligation, we focus on enjoying our previous efforts. I know deep down in my heart that I have calmed down somewhat, no longer frantically rummaging through everything, forcing myself to drown in tears. I love beauty, white skin care despite stretch marks. I take good care of my children, everyone on the street loves them. I am neat, every night I iron my clothes, take a shower, and take care of my body. I know my husband still loves me. He lunged at me with greater frequency. I know you are jealous now, afraid of retaliation. Honestly, for women, having sex with other people is not difficult, it is important to have love, while I did not allow myself to get involved in it during my years of marriage.

Looking at him excitedly when he was with his wife, I was afraid that the thick frequency would not be good for him, so I silently studied tonics and nutritious foods for him more. He still accepts my care as a matter of course. I bought my own cupping equipment, at night after taking care of my children, I applied oil and cupped them for my husband to reduce his excitement. I told him that he didn’t have to stop me from having an affair, from the very beginning I determined that I would not be able to work with my husband in any circumstances.

I hid the old story deep in my heart, trying not to remember and taking care of myself better. Maybe sometimes I choose to end it because there’s no shortage of men around. I also do not retaliate against the third person even though I have enough power to destroy her career because of the mistakes this person has made. I honestly said frankly: “I don’t think that you, an educated person, can act rashly”. She said she didn’t want to interfere in my family but trusted my husband sweetly. Sometimes the hot blood in my body rebelled, I watched the two of them repress. I say with my heart that I need to preserve virtue for my children.

>> The day ended when I didn’t know any news about my ex

I silently watched and saw that my husband was no longer active with his ex, wholeheartedly taking care of the family, and developing the business with me. Thank you for your comments and comments. No one’s life is perfect, sometimes that imperfection has to be accepted and corrected. I wish you peace.


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