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If men “flirt” in these 3 ways, women should stay away

Talking is the most direct way for two people to understand each other. A man, no matter how he approaches you, can understand the other’s heart from the conversations between the two. Not all men are good, swimming so we have to be really awake, look really carefully.

Many women are not realistic in love marriage so that in the end the person who gets hurt is them. Here are the types of men with flirting methods that women should stay away from, don’t stick around for long.

1. He doesn’t consider the relationship between the two very obvious

Every woman needs a clear identity, the relationship of both needs to be named and understood right from the beginning. However, many men do not want that. He is always sweet, saying what you want to hear but the bottom line of the matter is that what the two of you are is never mentioned.

He is ready to get jealous when he sees you eating with friends of the opposite sex, giving you expensive gifts on important occasions or both walking together, shopping… But when it comes to what they are, The man’s inability to give a clear and specific answer shows that the relationship is very problematic.

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You keep finding out, maybe find out he’s “stepping two boats”. Never be naive in love or in spite of anyone, even if you feel there are worries and concerns in your heart. If they can’t speak clearly to each other, then boldly give up because the more involved, the more disadvantaged women are.

2. Men always look for you online and talk about sensitive issues

Love has chance encounters, romance, but also empty feelings.

For example, there is a girl who tells the story of meeting her true love. However, she later discovered that the person only came to her when night fell, in the virtual world but during the day, in reality, he never found her even though they were in the same city. .

You should remember, confession should always be done in a sober state. People must also be realistic when coming together, it is not possible that a person only likes to talk online, just wants to meet when night falls through the phone screen. Perhaps, at that time, the other party was lonely, so he only found you.

Many other men just started coming at night, using sensitive words to talk to women.

The person who truly loves you will be outside, caring and taking care of you in life, not just appearing online. They try to find a way to meet you outside no matter how difficult it is.

Unfortunately, many women regret the feeling of online love and consider it as true love. Women should never be like this, forget about him because of the most basic thing of a relationship it must be real.

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3. Any occasion asks you to send a selfie

For some men, they love to flirt with women. Even though he doesn’t have feelings for you, he doesn’t want to pursue you, but he also constantly asks you to send selfies to prove his charm. Sometimes, he will use those private photos to tell his friends.

This is actually a “disease” that likes to show off in men that many women mistakenly believe they are interested in them, so they completely respond to requests for photos.

Therefore, if the two are not in a passionate love relationship but constantly receive requests to send photos, do not be foolish. Your partner is just trying to chat with you. Someone who is serious about flirting and wants to be with you for a long time doesn’t make such weird requests.

A person’s words can reflect their inner world. No matter how deeply he hides, you just need to pay attention to understand what the man is like. Therefore, never let your feelings get stuck in ambiguous relationships.

Women’s youth is limited, the minimum requirement to find a lover is to be sincere with each other, treat each other seriously and meet outside. han-ve-after-20220530183104125.chn

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