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Launching the 2022 Sustainable Enterprise Assessment Program

Sustainable development is now driven by actual needs. Sustainable business both meets the needs of customers and brings long-term benefits to businesses.

The Vietnam Confederation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor have just launched the Program to announce sustainable businesses in Vietnam in 2022. (CSI 2022).

Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice Chairman of VCCI, Chairman of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), said that after two years of the Covid pandemic, the business community has become more aware of the role and trends. inevitable advantages and positive effects of the production- and business-oriented model Sustainable Development. It is not only a “guideline” for development but also acts as an “anchor” to stand firm and a “wheel drive” for businesses to adapt and face the “tsunami” of crises. Sustainable development is now driven mainly by actual needs. Because sustainable business both meets the requirements of customers and brings long-term benefits to businesses.

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This year, the CSI Index will continue to be used as a basis for assessing the sustainable development of enterprises participating in the Program. With 130 indicators, divided into 5 parts including: Overview of enterprises; Main results of economic – environment – labor and social activities; Governance Indicators; Environmental Index; Labor – Social Index.

The CSI 2022 index is built based on the Labor Law: Environmental Law; GRI and ESG Sustainability Reporting Standards; ISO 26000 social responsibility standard; Trade commitments in multilateral and bilateral trade agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, UKVFTA, RCEP… Indicators related to anti-discrimination, diversity development, implementation of gender equality, respect for human rights; inventory of greenhouse gas emissions; switch apply model circular economy; Solid waste management is also integrated in the CSI 2022 Indicators.

With 68% of the indicators related to legal compliance requirements, 32% of the indicators related to sustainable business initiatives, the CSI Index is assessed as a very scientific and sustainable management support tool. practical for the business community in Vietnam. CSI can effectively support strategic planning and business planning; Reviewing gaps in production and business activities, thereby helping businesses operate better and promptly seize new business opportunities.

In 2022, the Program will accept applications from businesses of all sizes and fields, through online submission form and without collecting any fees.

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