Mona Lisa painting was ‘attacked’ with cake

According to Reuters, the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci’s life has just undergone a major incident when a visitor to the Louvre museum in Paris tried to break the protective glass of the world’s most famous painting. before smearing cake on it.

Fortunately, the glass was not broken and the Mona Lisa painting was still intact.

It is known that the tourist above is a man and disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair to get close to the Mona Lisa painting.

Video: Mona Lisa painting was ‘attacked’ with cake

An eyewitness said the unidentified man then smeared cake on the glass and threw roses everywhere before being caught by museum security.

The man wearing lipstick and wearing a wig was then taken away by security forces. It is not clear how he will be handled. The Louvre Museum management did not respond to a request for comment.

His purpose in taking this action seems to be to express his views on environmental protection.

A video on social media shows him telling people around him to “think about the planet, there are people destroying the planet, think about it, that’s why I do it.”

Mona Lisa painting was 'attacked' with cake - 1

The Mona Lisa was smeared with cake and the man who caused the “attack”. (Photo: The Straits Times)

Another witness said it was the craziest thing he had ever seen.

In a video taken after the incident, museum staff were having to clean the cake left on the glass protecting the Mona Lisa painting as well as move the wheelchair of “the attacker”. “left behind.

The portrait of the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503-1519. This glass was installed after the incident in 1956 when the lower part of the painting was attacked with acid by a vandal, causing damage to the lower part of the work. A few months later, a Bolivian spectator threw stones at the Mona Lisa… Therefore, the museum increased protection, turning the Mona Lisa into the most heavily guarded painting in the world.

According to Culture Trip, in 1962, Leonardo da Vinci’s work was insured for 100 million USD, up to now, the corresponding amount has exceeded 700 million USD.

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