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Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran experience the ‘brand name’ Grand Marina Saigon

After the wedding Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran constantly shared their sweet married life: from their honeymoon in Hoi An, to romantic images of experiencing “branded lifestyle” at the project’s model apartment. Grand Marina, Saigon.

It is known that this branded apartment project is also the future home of many artists in the showbiz world – most recently male singer Ha Anh Tuan.

Often “home-dating” (dating at home), Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran rarely appears in parties and events. Attending the party to experience the branded lifestyle of Grand Marina, Saigon, Huy Tran revealed: “Huy and Van themselves have not had the opportunity to experience branded residences, so they are quite excited. with this invitation”.

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Follow the couple to experience a romantic date night in Marriott style

Limousine and concierge transfers

At 6 pm, a large white limousine was there to pick up the couple to join the party. The two began their journey to experience “brand service” such as enjoying premium champagne to melodious music in a private space – a great way to start a “date-night”.

As soon as they got off the bus, the couple was greeted by a professional team of Marriott hotels – from opening the door, assisting in getting on and off the bus, to getting in and out of the lobby.

These concierge services are only available at international resorts and hotels, but will be a privilege that is always available 24/7 at luxury apartments. Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran were also quite surprised to learn that in the future, all services at the Grand Marina Saigon apartment project will be provided by Marriott and JW Marriott hotel staff – to meet international standards. of the largest hotel system in the world.

“We were quite surprised with being transported by limousine, drinking champagne in a very VIP way, making us feel cared for. When you first enter the lobby of the model house, you can imagine what the concept of “brand apartment” is like because the designs are very modern and sophisticated”, the couple shared.

Dinner prepared by culinary masters

The beginning of the “brand-name cuisine” experience is an aperitif at the outdoor area of ​​River Deck restaurant. In the contemporary music space, Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran had the opportunity to enjoy cocktails and watch the Saigon River at night.

grand2 278
A multi-sensory feast for all VIP diners invited to a private “brand name” event

The series of events “Culinary quintessence” brings rich and sophisticated experiences with diverse culinary colors: from a “Spring” party with fresh ingredients from Japan to a BBQ party French style with the theme “Smoke and Fire”.

In the third event, diners continued their journey to learn about high-class French cuisine – but through a new lens with the theme “Mind”. That is the “heart” of Chef Adrien Guenzi when bringing fusion dishes that harmoniously combine the quintessence of Vietnamese and French cuisine in an impressive 5-course menu.

grand3 279
The menu of the series of events “Cultural Convergence” is designed and prepared by top chefs in the luxurious space of the model house.

Sharing about the “brand-name” dinner experience, Huy Tran said: “It can’t be bad to date a beautiful wife like this. Working in the F&B industry, I agreed to attend the main reason because I was curious to know if fine-dining at the luxury apartment can be kept true to the inherent spirit of JW Marriott, and whether the dishes are complete. Just like at an international standard restaurant or not”.

And after all, the CEO of 030 Cuisine must admit that he is satisfied and impressed with not only the quality of the food, but also the professional service that simulates the future life of the residents in the apartment complex. branded Marriott.

Brand space

Besides the culinary experience, both couples also had the opportunity to learn more about the utility system and exquisite design of the only luxury apartment in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Welcoming the couple were Mr. Linton Borthwick, Head of Customer Service and Mr. Bhuvan Bhushan – Vice President of Sales.

grand4 280
Welcoming the couple are international experts at Masterise Homes, with many years of experience in the global luxury real estate and hospitality industry.

“We all grew up in Europe and are very picky about almost everything – from food, clothing to lifestyle. This experience at the Grand Marina Saigon project was the first time that the two of them felt the difference of living in a luxury apartment – having the best of everything right in an apartment in Vietnam, something that was not possible before. We think only in Europe,” Ngo Thanh Van shared.

grand5 281
Ngo Thanh Van, Huy Tran in the luxurious space of Grand Marina Saigon’s model house

Sophisticated experiences have given Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran a better insight into the life that future residents will enjoy at the luxury apartments here. Professional service from Marriott, exquisite dining experience in a luxury brand space are all an indispensable piece of the luxury lifestyle of the elite resident community at Grand Marina, Saigon.

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