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Remove the bottleneck of equitization and divestment of state capital

Many policy bottlenecks are waiting to be removed, especially in land valuation and business valuation. These are also problems that The financial is consulting with ministries, sectors and businesses to find solutions to speed up the process of equitization and divestment of State capital in enterprises.

Equitization results state enterprises the period 2016 – 2020 only reached 34%. Particularly in 2021, only 3 enterprises can be equitized, and divestment of State capital in enterprises does not meet the set plan.

Representatives of many businesses, ministries and experts said that the main cause of congestion is the lack of a mechanism and method to determine the value of enterprises and the value of land use rights accurately.

Remove the bottleneck of equitization and divestment of state capital - Photo 1.

Equitization and divestment of state capital in enterprises are behind schedule, failing to meet the set plan. Illustration.

In addition, the slow equitization in the past time is mainly due to problems in valuing the assets of State-owned enterprises. In many cases, the valuation is much lower than the actual value, causing property loss, many cases have been criminally handled.

On the other hand, different perceptions about the valuation of advantages, land value, historical-cultural value or existing problems in land arrangement also cause delays.

“In the future, the Ministry of Finance will continue to have seminars on more specific issues to come up with radical and transparent solutions for businesses to do without being wrong, not afraid of responsibility. Second, look at the stage. If the business valuation is determined, and if there are things that are not correct or not realistic, then review and perfect the institutions in the direction of an open and transparent market mechanism”, said Mr. Dang Quyet Tien – Director of the Corporate Finance Department, Ministry of Finance. let me know.

The Ministry of Finance will synthesize comments and coordinate with ministries and sectors to submit to the Government, solutions to remove difficulties to promote the realization of the goal of restructuring and equitizing state-owned enterprises without delay. most effective way in the future.

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