Russia used the TOS-2 ‘fire god’ for the first time in Ukraine

According to TASS, as soon as the special military operation took place (February 24), the Russian military significantly deployed TOS-1A TOS-1A “Solntsepek” heavy flamethrower systems to the eastern front of Ukraine. Donbass).

“Fire God” TOS-2 joins the battle

Sources military news TASS reports that the Russian military used the TOS-2 “Tosochka” heavy flamethrower system for the first time in a special military operation in Ukraine, more specifically in the Kharkov direction.

Also according to TASS sources, the Russian military is testing many new weapons systems in the Ukrainian battlefield, TOS-2 is just one of them. However, this information has not been confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russia used the TOS-2 'fire god' for the first time in Ukraine - 1

TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system. (Photo: TASS)

Previously, images of TOS-1A systems participating in the war in Ukraine were too popular in the media, even the Ukrainian army captured TOS-1A complexes on the battlefield.

It is known that Russia deployed TOS-2 to Ukraine appeared just a few days after the US side considered transferring to the Kiev government M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). The weapon system is said to be capable of deploying rockets and long-range missiles.

About TOS-2 “Tosochka” – this is the next heavy flamethrower system of the Russian army, they use thermobaric shells with extremely destructive power. The TOS-2 itself was developed by NPO Splav on the basis of experience gained in the use of TOS-1A in Syria.

Compared to the convenient man, TOS-2 uses a special wheeled chassis, so maneuverability is higher, but this weapon system is equipped with a fewer launch tube cluster (reduced to 18 compared to 24 of TOS- 1A).

According to Rostec’s assessment, this will be compensated by an increase in the power and range of shells more than 10 km. At the same time, the TOS-2 can use ammunition from the TOS-1 “Buratino” and TOS-1A “Solntsepek” systems, because of the same caliber of 220 mm.

Unlike its predecessors, the TOS-2 is equipped with its own lifting crane, whereby the need for a supporting transport vehicle is unnecessary. Refueling of the TOS-2 can be rapid, on any vehicle, and will be provided by the fleet of that vehicle.

Russia used the TOS-2 'fire god' for the first time in Ukraine - 2

The replenishment of ammunition for TOS-2 can take place quickly without the need for other means of support.

Besides, TOS-2 is equipped with modern navigation equipment, including laser rangefinder, satellite navigation, tachometer and inertial measurement. In addition, the system can fire from unprepared combat positions, and aiming, firing and fire control are automated.

Although the number of warheads in the TOS-2 is reduced, due to the switch to a new wheeled chassis, the efficiency remains at a high level. At the same time, the firepower and combat capabilities of this system have not decreased. The TOS-2 has a hydraulic crane used to load the ammunition, which distinguishes it from the TOS-1 and other systems (which require a separate loader).

According to the designers of NPO Splav, TOS-1A and TOS-2 can work together harmoniously on the battlefield. Depending on the tactical situation, the commander will be able to use both wheeled and crawler systems.

NPO Splav also confirmed that flamethrowers like the TOS-2 are designed to defeat enemies over a large area, providing a significant advantage in battle.

Russia used the TOS-2 'fire god' for the first time in Ukraine - 3

Heavy flamethrowers like the TOS-2 are designed to defeat enemies over a large area, providing a significant advantage in battle. (Photo: TASS)

Russia destroys Ukraine defenses with thermobaric bullets

The New York Times quoted several Ukrainian commanders on the Donbass front as saying that the Russian military is using one of the more conventional but highly effective weapons systems to smash Ukraine’s lines in the Donbass. The weapon system the Ukrainian commanders are talking about is the TOS-1A.

With rockets carrying thermobaric and incendiary warheads – TOS-1A is tasked with wiping out fortification systems, bunkers and bunkers as well as destroying enemy infantry and weapons in just one attack. .

“You feel the ground shake”Colonel Yevhen Shamataliuk, commander of Ukraine’s 95th Brigade talked about facing TOS-1A on the battlefield near the city of Izyum.

“It has great destructive power, destroying bunkers, causing the fortification system to collapse.”said Colonel Shamataliuk.

Explaining the power of TOS-1A, this weapon system is equipped with 220 mm rocket ammunition carrying flammable fuel and two independent explosive doses, when falling on the target, the first explosive dose is activated to disperse fuel. burning into a big cloud. The second explosion will ignite this cloud, creating a large explosion and sucking up the surrounding oxygen.

Video: Russia’s TOS-1A system attacked Ukraine’s location on May 26.

The high temperature of 2,500 – 3,000 degrees Celsius and the sudden change in pressure from the explosion can destroy many mechanized weapons, and also cause damage to soldiers sheltering in armored vehicles and fortified fortifications.

Russian military experts said that a TOS-1A complex with 24 rounds of 220 mm caliber is capable of causing damage in an area of ​​​​up to 40,000 m2, equivalent to the area of ​​6 football fields combined. The American magazine Popular Mechanics once called TOS-1A a “hell on earth” that can spread terror to any target it shoots.

Military experts say that Russia deployed TOS-1A and TOS-2 in eastern Ukraine because these are suitable weapons to penetrate fortified positions. This could be a landmark weapon in the Donbass region, given that many Ukrainian units are entrenched in structures and a dense network of trenches that are well resistant to conventional artillery.

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