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Security camera: Female student got her phone stolen

Binh DuongWaiting for her mother to take her to school, the 9th grade girl took an iPhone 13, worth about 20 million dong, when she looked in the mirror, two young men snatched it away.

Security camera: 9th grade girl got her phone stolen when she looked in the mirror

At 6:15 on May 31, a 9th grade female student stood in front of her house on Thu Khoa Huan Street, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An City, looking in the mirror with an iPhone 13. Two young people drove each other on motorbikes. The girl discovered, avoided, but continued to look in the mirror.

The young man sitting in the back of the car immediately snatched the phone, the driver sped off. The victim shouted and followed helplessly. The incident happened in 10 seconds, recorded by security cameras.

Thuan An city police are analyzing the identities of two robbers and arresting them.

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