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Suffering from a disease thought only in children, a man in Phu Tho suffered a “small penis” atrophy and an unexpected ending more than 20 years later.

MSc Dinh Huu Viet

The late happiness of the husband after more than 20 years of infertility

According to statistics of the health sector, the current situation of infertility and infertility is increasing and rejuvenating (about 10% of the population). Infertility rates in men and women are equal and are caused by many factors such as abortion, gynecological-gynecological infections, drinking habits, smoking or exposure to toxic chemicals-radioactive substances. diseases affecting reproductive function in men and women such as diseases of the fallopian tubes, uterus, mumps…

Notably, there are many cases of diseases that are ideal only in children, but can severely affect reproductive function, disrupting family happiness. Typically, the case of Mr. Tran Khac Dat (49 years old, in Phu Tho) was infected with mumps 23 years ago and was diagnosed with infertility. This is also the reason why his marriage fell apart.

His marriage broke down, and he was infertile, making him feel guilty that he didn’t dare to take another step for a long time. In 2016, when he was “forty weeks old”, Mr. Dat met Ms. Thu Ha – a woman who also missed a boat and is a single mother.

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Anh Dat is happy with his beloved child after many efforts.

After many confiding, Mr. Dat shared frankly about the problem of infertility he was facing and Ha accepted. The two decided to come together, sharing the sweet and sour.

But an unexpected big event happened, in 2017 Thu Ha’s stepchild unfortunately died suddenly, causing the couple great pain. With everyone’s encouragement, she and her husband soon got up and relied on each other to continue through this great pain.

“At that time, I researched and both husband and wife wanted to have children, but we are both not young, so this wish is really not easy, especially Mr. Dat has fertility problems. . However, with determination, the couple decided to “find” their beloved child, even though they knew the road ahead would be difficult”, Ha shared.

According to Ms. Ha, she herself also noticed many abnormalities of her husband due to the influence of the previous mumps disease, such as testicles and atrophy of the genitals. However, the couple still found common ground and harmony in their marriage, only having children naturally was impossible.

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Ha and Dat’s husband and wife’s efforts finally paid off with a lovely “little love”.

As age increases, the couple’s desire to have children becomes stronger. They decided to pack up and go to Hanoi for treatment to rekindle the hope of having children.

“Fortunately, after microsurgery of the testicles, the doctors found a few small sperm, but each of them was enough for in vitro fertilization. As a result, we have a princess,” said Ha happily.

Master, Doctor Dinh Huu Viet – Head of the Department of Andrology (Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility) said that when receiving treatment for this case, the doctor admired the wife’s will. “When the husband is still timid and afraid about the problem he has, the wife is ready to confide everything, especially their desire to have children. She also encourages and supports her husband a lot during the treatment process,” said Doctor Viet.

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Doctor Viet performed testicular microsurgery to find sperm for the patient.

Adults should not be subjective with mumps

Dr. Dinh Huu Viet said that mumps can occur at any age, in which it is more common in males than in females and is most common in boys. Therefore, many adults believe that adults with mumps are not severe, do not get sick proof. This is causing serious consequences, especially for reproductive function.

According to statistics, complications of orchitis and epididymitis account for about 20-25% of men with mumps after puberty. Notably, complications can lead to testicular atrophy, decrease in sperm count and quality, infertility and infertility.

“Most of the patients who come to us after being diagnosed with mumps or have a history of mumps cause testicular atrophy and lead to infertility. Clinical examination revealed a very large proportion of people with mumps with testicular atrophy. All cases have soft, bland testicles, so predicting spermatogenesis will be difficult,” the doctor said.

With the case of infertility due to mumps (still normal ejaculation but no sperm in semen), Vietnamese doctor believes that microsurgery to find sperm from testicular tissue by Micro TESE method (Microdisection Testicular). Sperm Extraction) is the last “salvage” for the hope of having children.

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According to Vietnamese doctor, the most mature person is a man who is absolutely not subjective after being infected with mumps.

“It can be imagined that this technique is like magnifying the testicles from childhood like a kumquat into a grapefruit. After that, the doctor will skillfully slit, peel off each grapefruit and see if there are any good grapefruit cloves in it, equivalent to good spermatogenesis tubes. Micro TESE is a deep intervention for the doctor to “unearth” the entire testicle to find individual sperm. The process can sometimes only find a few sperm or a few dozen just enough for in vitro fertilization, “doctor Viet shared.

To prevent mumps, Vietnamese doctors recommend vaccinating against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella for children aged 12 months and older. Those who have been infected with mumps will have lifelong immunity. However, when you have an illness, you need to go to the doctor and have the advice and treatment of a doctor so as not to affect your health in general and reproductive health in particular.

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