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Teach your children to “choose friends to play” if they don’t want future troubles

Speech is a reflection of a person’s thoughts, nature and dignity. Therefore, parents need to teach their children and guide them how to recognize good friends and bad friends in the future through their current speech.

Whether or not a person is worthy of close acquaintance really just need to look at their words. Absolutely do not associate with people with the following speech characteristics. As a parent, help your child realize that.

People who swear

There are some people who feel that those who speak obscene words are straightforward and true to their hearts. That’s not right. Being blunt is good, but swearing is another matter. That’s a sign of not having a proper upbringing.

Their dirty words when scolding others, bystanders may feel that it is straightforward. It is only when they point the spear at them that they will know how deeply those words hurt people. A person who deeply hurts others will bring disaster later. If you stay close to such a person for a long time, you will gradually be “infected” with that bad character.

People who lie

Teach your children to

Do not associate with people who lie (illustration)

A person often lies, which proves that they do not dare to honestly face themselves, nor dare to honestly face others. Such a person has no opinion, no warrior. Associate with them will bring disaster later.

People who are harsh to their parents

There are people who are very polite to outsiders, but those closest to them, including their parents, are often harsh, even scolding. Such a person, no matter how nice, should be less frequent.

Parents work hard to raise their children, but not only do they not know how to appreciate them, but they are often harsh words. Such a person, the future connection will not have good results. Because, no matter how good they are, they can’t be as good as their parents. If their parents are scolded by them, later on, outsiders will be treated much worse.

People often mock and criticize the weak, but flatter their superiors

There is a type of person who often speaks to the weak (for example, subordinates, the poor, people without positions, etc.) in a disrespectful manner, without any respect. They often make fun of other people’s hobbies. Or criticize others, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, as long as it’s something they don’t like, they all make fun of them without caring about the other’s feelings.

However, when they stand in front of their superiors (eg leaders, rich people, powerful people…), they try to flatter and win hearts. Even saying the opposite of what they usually say they will praise wholeheartedly. For these types of people, no matter how noble they are, they should not be friends, but should be avoided.

This type of person will definitely one day “see the benefits and forget the meaning”. They will even “sell out” friends at times. Because right from the heart, they don’t care about the feelings of others, but only care about their own interests.

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