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The bride’s family ran away because the groomsmen threw smoke bombs into the bride’s room

According to Ettoday, a rare incident happened at a wedding in Shijiazhuang (Hebei, China) a few days ago. The groom’s family was present at the right time, but could not receive the bride right away, but had to face many challenges given by the bride’s family.

The groom’s side tries to please the bride’s family in the hope of a smooth procession, but is still made difficult in every way. After giving all the red envelopes and passing the challenges, the groom came to the door, but the bride’s side refused to open it, nor did he respond to a word.

Despite the bride’s procession asking to give more money, the bride’s family still refused to let the bride out. “The secret of overdose”, a groomsmen took out two prepared small smoke bombs and threw them in bride’s room.

Smoke and burning smell quickly spread throughout the room, causing the girl’s family to panic, and quickly opened the door to find a way to escape. The photographer and the groom were also blackened by the smoke, couldn’t breathe, so they had to run out. Meanwhile, the bride persisted in staying in the room because she didn’t wear high heels and hadn’t finished the formalities and rituals.

The bride's family ran away because the groomsmen threw smoke bombs into the bride's room - Photo 1.

Smoke and burning smell spread throughout the room, causing the girl’s side to quickly open the door and run out.

The groomsmen then explained that the smoke bombs, which were prepared to prank the groom on the wedding night, unexpectedly encountered too many difficulties when receiving the bride, so they had to use them, causing a riot at the wedding.

Immediately after being posted, information and pictures about the wedding quickly attracted the attention of many netizens with different opinions. Many people think that the groom’s actions are too excessive, if the bride is too angry, she may not be able to pick up the bride and the wedding will also be cancelled.

Not long ago, a wedding in Guangdong province (China) also caused a stir in the online community, caused by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Specifically, when the groom knelt down to say words of love to the bride, one of the bridesmaids suddenly looked up and saw the groom’s face.

Immediately, the bridesmaid rushed to grab the neck, pull the hair and beat the groomsmen. The incident happened so quickly and unexpectedly that everyone present was shocked. The bride and groom were also frightened to startle, and quickly stood aside. It wasn’t until later that people were able to separate the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

It is known that the best man is the ex-boyfriend who once betrayed her. The love of two people is very deep, even considering marriage.

The bridesmaid both loved and trusted, so she gave everything, unexpectedly, even at the happiest moment, the groomsmen did not say goodbye, cutting off all contact. His actions made her shocked and deeply saddened, so when she met her ex-boyfriend at the wedding again, she couldn’t hold back her excitement, so she did the above action.

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