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The man had an erection for 10 days for an unexpected reason

The patient suffered from speech difficulties for 10 days despite receiving treatment at many medical facilities. He falls into the group of rare diseases, accounting for only 5% of cases of prolonged penile erection.

The Center for Nephrology – Southern Medicine, People’s Hospital 115 (HCMC) said that this place has just received and treated a rare case of erectile dysfunction. The patient is Mr. TVV, 57 years old, admitted to the hospital with an erection for 10 days.

The patient shared that he fell and hit the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) on a hardwood tree. Then he had some bleeding from the tip of his penis. On the evening of the same day, the patient still had normal sex, still ejaculated and did not see blood in the semen.

However, after ejaculation, the penis is not as soft as usual, but the erection lasts for a long time, and there is a slight pain in the penis. Although the patient has been examined and treated at a number of medical facilities in the country, the erection status has not changed.

At 115 People’s Hospital, through clinical examination and imaging (Dopler ultrasound, MRI), doctors discovered a ruptured cavernous blood vessel on both sides. This branch of broken blood vessel drains into the cavernous sinus, thereby causing the patient’s prolonged penile erection.

“This is a high-flow prolonged penile erection, quite rare, accounting for less than 5% of cases of prolonged penile erection”, Dr., doctor Truong Hoang Minh, Head of the Center for Nephrology – The hospital’s male department said.

With the support of endovascular specialists in the Department of Radiology, the patient was “ultra-selective” occlusion of one of the vascular branches of the torn cavernous body. Immediately after, the patient’s penis returned to the “soft” state as usual. 24 hours later, Mr. V. was discharged from the hospital.

According to doctors, a prolonged penile erection is an erection of the penis that lasts more than 4 hours, not related to sexual arousal. There are 2 types: low blood flow and high blood flow.

This type of high blood flow is quite rare, the most common cause is trauma, there is a fistula between the cavernous and cavernous arteries. After treatment, the rate of erectile dysfunction appeared accounted for 15- 22%.

Type of low blood flow caused by sickle cell disease, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia or the use of antidepressants, antipsychotics; due to lymphoma, bladder cancer; damage to the central nervous system, spinal cord…


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Man bleeding from urinary tract during erection

The patient reported that he had had blood in the urine after having sex for about 20 years, but the treatment did not go away. To date, the disease has progressed more seriously.

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