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The man who fights hand to hand with Australia’s number one aggressive animal

Kangaroo nice kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. According to statistics, kangaroos are animals known for their aggression, but the risk of being attacked by kangaroos is very low. While only about five people in New South Wales, Australia go to the hospital for treatment for kangaroo-related injuries each year, the number of people injured by pets in the home requiring medical attention is several thousand.

The man fights hand-to-hand with Australia's number one aggressive animal - Photo 1.

Recently, an incident man forced to fight kangaroos after an attack caused a stir in Australia.

Viral video shows the man suddenly being chased by a large kangaroo, tripping and lying flat on the ground. The kangaroo continued to charge, jumping over him and then back.

The man was startled but forced to stand up to fight for his life. The large animal did not hesitate to lunge at him and punch him. The brawl dragged on with both muscular warriors.

The kangaroo shows its aggression, refuses to give up. Meanwhile, the man quickly picked up a stick, swinging it back and forth frantically in self-defense.

The man who fights hand to hand with Australia’s number one aggressive animal

Overwhelmed with the strength and precision of the kangaroo’s iconic boxing technique, after hitting his opponent a few times with the stick, the man managed to grab it, pulling it down to avoid further hits. .

Luckily for the man, after lying on the ground, the attacker could not get up, he won, saving his life. It is not clear whether the man was seriously injured in the attack.

It is known that kangaroos mostly only attack people when it feels threatened. The greatest risks are often found in areas where humans have altered their natural habitat and affected the kangaroo’s food source.

In some cases, kangaroos lose their instinct to fear humans as they get used to being fed by humans and gradually become friendly.

Kangaroos are ready to become aggressive, attacking people as if they were another kangaroo. It will push, punch with its front legs or kick its hind legs.

Since the trauma of kangaroo attacks is quite severe, it is best to avoid conflicts with kangaroos.

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