The most accurate way to check the bottle of the phone battery

You can check the status, loss, battery bottle of your phone by the following:

Android phone

You can use applications AIDA64, Battery Life, Android Accu​Battery, Android Phone Check, Battery Repair Life, Antutu Benchmark, …

iPhone phone

Method 1: Users access Settings (Settings) > Battery (Battery) > Battery status (Battery Health). At this time, the iPhone screen will display information about the maximum capacity (Maximum Capacity), which is a measure of the battery capacity compared to a new battery, the lower this indicator, the lower the battery capacity is. Note, this feature is only available from iOS 11.3 and above.

Method 2: Users can check battery life through Battery Testing application, 3uTools, iBackupbot, iTools,…

In case the phone battery is damaged or has a heavy battery, you should bring the device to the company’s service center or major service and repair center systems to check and replace the battery.

The most accurate way to check the bottle's cell phone battery - 1

After a period of use, the phone will appear to be in a battery state, causing the device to run out of battery in a short time. (Illustration)

Some tips to help reduce battery life for phones and devices technology other:

  • Avoid power failure and connect the charger when the phone has a low battery signal.
  • Keep your phone in a cool environment, especially when charging.
  • Limit the use of the phone while charging to avoid overheating the device and reduce battery capacity.
  • Use genuine charging cables, chargers, batteries, and accessories for your phone. Or the user can use the brand’s certified 3rd party brand product with similar specifications.
  • When the battery reaches 100%, it should be removed from the charging source, limiting overnight charging.
  • If you do not use and intend to store the device for a long time, charge the battery to at least 50%, then turn off the phone.
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