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The old LUNA Coin (LUNC) skyrocketed 100%, the crypto market was feverish

LUNC is the new trading code name of the old version LUNA Coin. This cryptocurrency is having a very strong price right before the re-listing time.

After the crisis of 99% price drop, Terra Network (LUNA) now develops into 2 branches. The new LUNA or Terra 2.0 will use the LUNA transaction code. Meanwhile, the old LUNA coins were renamed LUNC.

According to information from Binance, from this afternoon, the old LUNA coins (LUNA Classic or Terra Classic) will start to be listed again on this exchange.

Specifically, LUNA Classic has a transaction code of LUNC. The LUNC/BUSD trading pair will start to be listed again on Binance at 4:30 PM on May 30.

Previously, LUNA Classic (LUNC) coins have been listed since the weekend on a number of exchanges such as KuCoin, Gate.io, FTX, Bithumb,…

The trading volume at the above crypto exchanges is far behind that of Binance – the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency exchange at the moment. Therefore, being listed again on Binance is considered an important milestone for this cryptocurrency.

lunc luna coin 946
The price of LUNC – the new trading name of LUNA Classic (Terra Classic) increased sharply in the afternoon of May 30.

As noted by VietNamNet, compared to this morning, the price of LUNC on the KuCoin exchange has increased by more than 100%. From the price of 0.00097 USD at 7am this morning, the LUNC token price has now increased to 0.000185 USD.

The volume of buying into LUNC is increasing sharply because it is close to the time when LUNA Classic is listed again on Binance. The reason for the above situation is that many investors run after the LUNA fever.

lunc luna coin 3 947
Many crypto investors are having a “lottery” mentality with the case of LUNA and LUNC.

The common sentiment of many investors at this time is to speculate and accumulate, taking advantage of the new developments of Terra Classic to trade back and forth to make a profit thanks to the price difference.

Many people also hope Terra 2.0 (new LUNA) re-listing on Binance tomorrow will be a big hit to the price of the old version of the cryptocurrency.

With the current price volatility, the price of this cryptocurrency can increase several times, but then drop sharply within the same day. Therefore, despite the strong momentum of LUNC, investors need to be very cautious because the risks in trading are very large.

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